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13 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps

best stock market simulator apps

nowadays some people compare stock trading with gambling itis not true at all gambling is completely based on luck while in trading you have extremely sharp to trade. One research shows that out of 10 out of 200 people win. If you want to trade you should have a great amount of investment many new users hesitate to spend money and this is right

If you are a beginner and want to spend $80 to 100$.With this amount, you will be buying stocks that are safe to trade. These stocks will not give you satisfactory returns. On high volatile stocks, you need to invest a huge amount, here the work of these apps comes in these apps only pretend to spend money in the stock market.

13 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps

In these apps, you are going to spend fake money so in this article we are going to tell you about the best stock market apps. These apps will give you an idea of how to trade in quality stocks. so without wasting much time lets get into the topic.

1. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading (Stock Markets)

This application does not have any fees or integrated purchases and it is free of cost but this android app has ads which are a common thing this app get regular updates and it is available on android you just need a mobile phone to invest in the stock market this app gives you a perfect idea that how you can invest money in the stock market.

stock market game

2. Stocks, Forex, Finance, Markets: Portfolio & News

It is one of the leading information providing apps it provides all the information about the stocks you can also customize your profile easily to know all your investments this app will keep you updated you can analyze your stocks with graph also this app will make your investment better and give you a complete guide that how to invest in stocks.

robinhood stock

3. Wall Street Survivor

It is a browser game you don’t need to download any app or software you can just click on wall street survivor and you just have to signup and you are ready to buy stocks this website also provides tips, tricks, courses, etc to make you understand better about stocks.there is a practice league for beginners because it is very difficult to compete against experienced starting you will be given a balance of  $100 000.Since it is a practice league you don’t need to worry bout money. (you can just click on wall street survivor to play the game.)

best stock market simulator

4. Investopedia Stock Simulator

This website has its stock simulator this is an advanced website that includes stock research, analysis, etc. It is the most user-friendly, realistic stock simulator it has such a good user experience that you will feel like you are officially trading. You can also join its contests you will rank according to the growth of your stock investments. for your motivation, this website also gives awards to you if you rank on the top position.     (you can just click on Investopedia stock simulator to play the game.)

paper trading

5. Best Brokers: Stock Simulator

In my games list this website has the widest stocks to invest you can also message your friend. It also offers a youtube video so that you can learn the basics when you are not using this app it will let you know when a specific market opens. This feature is extremely useful when you don’t know about the stock market opening hours. It has a very user-friendly interface and it has a wide variety of options you have to give a try to this app.

stock trading apps


This website is another browser-based stock simulator it is powered by dow jones. Your homepage includes stock related news and a summary of top-movers. Either you can join a game or create your own game. You can also chat with your competitor’s leaderboards are also available which adds an extra feature this website provides a nice balance between friendly competition and learning also.

best stock app

7.Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

This is not an attractive app but it has all the features as all other apps have which provide a complete knowledge of stock market trading you can choose any region which is relevant to you. This app has a simple user interface but provides a great deal of information. You can also see the latest news about the stock this app also tracks top players, suggests stocks in a user-friendly manner. This app is only available for android users.

practice stock trading with fake money

8.TradeHero – CFD Social Trading

This is a well-known application that lets you become a trading hero it helps to discover how the financial market is working you can create your profile and start with virtual profile and currency this is an awesome app and will be a right pick for you. It was founded in 2010.

best stock market simulator app

9.Bitcoin Flip – Bitcoin Trading Simulator

This app will give you a realistic trading experience it is only available for mobile devices it will help you to learn about the cryptocurrency market easily. There is no doubt that this app is best for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency it teaches you how to buy and sell currencies using fake money and it will also teach trading strategies to compete with professional traders around the world.

ninjatrader free trading simulator

10.BUX – Mobile Trading

This application is well-known for easily discovering financial markets so that anyone can understand the market easily. the most attractive and awesome thing about this application is you can easily do practice investments in real-time with fake money and can get a little bit of experience later so that you can switch to real money easily. So just create your portfolio and expand your knowledge.

moneycontrol virtual trading

11.The Game of Stocks

This application will be best for you to learn easily and double your wealth and to know the main points of trading. This is a very popular application with this application you can also enhance and your marketing strategy so that you can understand when you have to buy and sell stocks and can get more profit from it.

best stock checker

12.Wall Street Magnate

just like other apps this app is also good for this purpose it is available in both android and ios you will practice your skills as a broker in this app and for I phone also it is free but you have to keep one thing brain that it only has information about US market.

major stock prices

13. Stock Market Simulator

this is a well-known app this app simply provides information about the financial market you should simply use this app to improve your knowledge and to build different strategies to get profit from the stock market.

best stock checker

Final thought

Well, these are 13 best stock market simulator apps you can choose any of them if you liked this article share it on social media so that all others can also get benefit from it and if you know any other app let me know in the comment box that app name will be updated in this article.

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