Best Hero Forge Alternatives to Design Your 3D Masterpeice

Nowadays there are tons of 3D table-top miniatures available on the web due to which There are plenty of services available on the web. When we are talking about 3D prints the most common name that you might have heard is hero forge, As we all know technology is becoming advanced day by day there are many options available on the internet that help you to design your 3D miniature masterpiece.

Hero Forge is one of the best services that allows you to create 3D made-to-order miniatures. Hero forge is one of the famous 3D printing services, the reason behind hero forge’s popularity is, It offers plenty of customization features which range from Hairstyle to battle weapons.

It uses the latest technology which provides unmatched quality, You will be delighted to know that Hero forge Also gives you an option of choosing the material and size of your miniature masterpiece.

Moreover, If you are not satisfied with the hero forge’s quality then there are other apps and services available which offer you the same quality at a pocket-friendly price. Excited? So without any further due let us know the best hero forge alternatives.

Best hero forge alternatves

Below given are some of the best hero forge alternatives that you can use right now to create your 3d miniature masterpiece.

#Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch foundry is one of the most popular 3D character creator services and just like hero forge you can customize your miniature according to your imagination. Eldrich Foundry plenty of features and customization options which include different characters, poses, apparels, and stuff like that. The thing that I like the most is its interface, It’s just like playing a video game on your mobile, The fact that eldritch Foundry offers very good quality materials and a hassle-free experience makes it different from its companions.

As it offers great quality and service, Creating your masterpiece will cost you around 35$, The price is quite high as compared to other services but believe me, it’s worth spending 35$. Youll get unbeatable quality with unmatched user-experience. The best part is that you can create your masterpiece in a digital as well as the traditional manner. All these features make it a perfect hero forge alternative So what are you waiting for? Just visit and explore your creativity and share it with your friends on social media.

Heroforge like sites


If you are looking for a cheap and effective hero forge alternative then Desktop hero might be the one. You can create your design and print it for just 5$. It is a unique tool that helps you to create 3D miniatures at an affordable price, The tool has lots of presets and other important functions that help you to create your masterpiece. Either you can choose a preset or you can design your own miniature from its huge library. The price is quite low as compared to other websites but Offers you similar features. The best part is that after creating your 3D print you can also share it on the Desktop hero global community or on your social media.

hero forge alternative


If you are looking for an application that helps you to create action figures and 3D models then Thingiverse will be the best fit for this. The best part is its simple interface, without any problem you can easily create your sculpture. The application also offers you some customizable options which will help you to bring your imagination to reality. Moreover, the application doesn’t offer extensive customization features like Hero-forge but, It offers you basic customization features like face, expressions, hair, weapons, etc. All the features make it one of the best free hero forge alternative.

hero forge alternative is another great Hero forge alternative that helps you to create your 3D table-top miniature, It has a huge library which has plenty of options to choose from Some of them include character, weapons, outfits and much more. It is a simple yet effective hero forge alternative that you can try right now, It has a very clean user interface which gives quiet a comfortable user experience while designing 3D sculptures.

The best part is that It comes at a very affordable price which makes it a cheaper alternative to hero forge. You are not limited to a few options, there are tons of options which helps to bring your sweet dreams to a delightful reality.

Apps like heroforge


Are you looking for a free hero forge alternative? If yes then PC gen will be the perfect fit. It is a free designing tool which helps you to design 3D sculptures according to you. The best part of it is that It is a very clean software which provides you a bug-free experience, PC gen is a very functional software that makes tricky things easier. PC gen has a very huge library that provides you plenty of customization options to choose from. It is a very fast application, You can create your masterpiece within minutes, You just have to fill your requirements and you’ll get your design within seconds. Even you can build a gaming character with this software and In my opinion its worth trying this out.

Hero forge software

#Hero Mini Maker

It is another great alternative to hero forge which helps you to create excellent 3D miniatures from your windows. You will be delighted to know that the hero min maker offers you more than 780 styles with 1000+ poses, It has a very clean Interface which really helps the user to create their miniatures comfortably. You are not only limited to styles and poses the application also offers you other customizable stuff like different body part options which include head, arms, legs, eyes, etc. Along with body parts, various outfit options are also available.

Moreover, you also get various coll options like helmets, hats to give your sculpture a fantastic look, In simple words, you can customize every single body part. All these features make it one of the hero forge alternative.

Hero forge like sites


Cults is an excellent website that helps to create your favorite 3D sculpture, There are more than 64,000 designs available on this website, It is a well-known marketplace for creating 3D sculptures, Just like other websites Cults also have quiet a user-friendly interface which makes easy for the user to create their sculpture. You don’t need any special knowledge to create one for you, you can easily create on this website.

Some of the most popular collections include Piramis grey night squad, Batman Batarang Flexi, etc. Moreover, Cults is a great website for creating sculptures as well as action figures.


If you are looking for a website to create 3D models then my mini factory is another excellent website, It has a huge database of 3d models ad sculptures to choose from. You can easily create high-quality action figures, animated characters by using it, Most of the models are available free of cost but for some, you might have to pay a little bit amount. Some of the most popular figures available on it are Blastoise Pokemon, Rick grimes, etc.

#Creature Caster

Create caster is another impressive hero forge alternative, And it has some great features which you won’t find in other websites, It is one of the most famous tools available on the web for creating high-quality resin miniatures and statuettes. If you want to make high-quality resin miniatures and statuettes then this could be the end of your search.

Wrapping up

Well, these are some of the best hero forge alternatives that you can use right now, If you want to create a miniature you can easily create with any app. All the apps are excellent and have some unique features, With the above tools, you can easily customize your masterpiece and share it around the globe. I hope that this article helped you in finding a hero forge an alternative and If you have any queries, you can freely ask in the comment section.


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