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Best Websites and apps To Create Avatar Cartoons Online

avatar maker

In the past few years, technology received a rapid boost. These days people hesitate to share their real photos on social networking sites but on all social media sites it is mandatory to have a photo avatar. If you are looking for a website that can create your avatar for free in few moments then you are on the right way In this article we are going to tell you about some best avatar maker tools that you can use to create your free avatar. For those who are not familiar with a photo avatar it is just like your profile picture not representing your actual gives your photo a cartoonish look.

24 Best Websites To Create Avatar Cartoons Online



It is also a free online platform to generate a free avatar. It provides its users two options The first option is you can create your avatar manually and the second option is you can hit the random button to find something that they want. It is one of the best avatar maker tools in my opinion. Avatars generator is a tool to create free and beautiful avatars of yourself. It is very easy to create an avatar of yourself.

get avatars online



The best thing about pixton is it provides a large number of custom avatar characters, customizing, and coloring options. Its user interface makes it different from other competitors. Tools provided there makes creating avatars very simple. Through this website you can create graphic novel comics and share it with the can also earn money by this.

Avatar maker



If you are from a photography section than you might be aware of this app. Be funky allows users to animate anything you can edit your photo or create is free of cost to use. You can also edit photos, create graphic designs and you can also make photo collages. Be funky Photo Editor lets you apply photo effects.

cartoon avatar maker


4.Dude Factory

In my opinion dude factory is one of the best opinions it allows its users to create an avatar. You can use every feature of this website for free. This website provides a large number of outfit options and accessories.

anime maker



This website is easy and simple to use The user interface of this website is very nice. You can use it to create cartoons anime etc.karunix is the best website that you can visit can create cool styles, anime, etc. You can make cute anime, manga styles, full-body, avatars, etc.

character creation



It is the best website for character creation it is originated from Japan. It provides its users with pre-made characters, costumes, colors, etc. You can also create high-quality chibi avatars it is best for anime can also use the function to follow your favorite maker and author.

cartoon online


7. Avachara Avatar

Only this app provides a large number of options than other apps. It includes customization like skin, eyes, hair color, etc. When you’re done move to fashion there you can get many accessories like googles, guitar, etc. It provides an abundance of clothes and accessories and it is completely free. You can also create your portrait.

cartoon avatar maker


8.My Blue Robot

My blue robot is one of the best apps that I know today. It does not provide many features as other apps but it also has some unique features that other apps do not have like creating nose, mouth can also enlarge your head. It also provides the option of tilting your head according to your this is one of the best options you can visit today.

anime avatar maker


9.Face Your Manga

www.face your manga is one of the free and best websites to create your avatar. This website is advanced and has many features as compared to all other websites.this website provides the feature to set yourself according to you. You can create a high-resolution avatar from this website. If you don’t want to create you can purchase readymade avatars made by professionals.

avatar maker online



If you are are searching fora realistic avatar maker website then this website is best for you. you can create your realistic avatar from this website. This website is the easiest and fastest way to create your cartoon avatar. They have more than 300 graphic parts so your avatar will be as special as you are. This is perfect for sharing with all social networks like Facebook, Instagram,  and more.

gaming logo


11.Marvel Superhero Avatar

I know most of you are marvel heroes lovers on this website you can create your avatar in marvel can give your favorite hero look like he is missing wings. You can also read comics and play games on this website.

superhero avatar


12. Pick a Face

In this website, you can cartoon yourself the best thing about this website is it has a feature of rich photo editor which can be used for giving your photo a new look this is the most used website. If you register on their website you will get more than 500 options to choose your avatar.If you don’t want to create your avatar you can choose ready avatars on their website.

free avatars online


13.Moron Face

Well this website is only for those who wanted to take their picture funny so if you are interested in making your picture funny so you can visit the moron’s face. It is free. They make funny pictures using your photo as it is a moron face.

gaming avatar maker


14.Picasso’s head

Picasso’s head is a digital tool where you can create your masterpieces using some features of Picasso. It is widely used by teachers and students and if you are are a Picasso art lover then you have to give a try to this website.

realistic avatar creator

If you want to turn your photo into watercolor than you need to visit this site. You can turn any landscape into the watercolor drawing. The best thing about this website is it allows users to change their facial expressions. You can create really interesting pictures through this website and you can apply the realistic expression to your face using this website.

flat avatar maker


16. Place It, Avatar Maker

If you want to create avatars for gaming channels or you want to upload it on social media then this website might be the best pick for you. Its user interface is better than other can create your gaming logo in just a few clicks you won’t need any special skill or software to create logo it is damn easy to create a gaming logo with this website.

cartoon avatar maker



Voki is another best website to create realistic avatars. It provides its users with a wide variety of customization options which are of great use. The distinctive feature of this website is your avatar can speak also. You can also create peaking characters for education. You can also get its app on the play store. If you are a student you can also learn with this app any subject you want.

full body avatar maker


18.Shrink Pictures

If you are searching for an easy method to create an avatar and don’t want to go through all customization stuff then this might be the best pick for you. It is not a fully functional website but it has all the necessary things that are needed to create an have to just upload your picture on this website and you will get your photo avatar ready.

realistic avatar creator


19.Portrait Illustration Maker

You can create avatars manually with this tool and upload it on any platform you want. It is another best tool available on the internet if you want to customize your photo manually you can click the Randomizer button and the site will generate your avatar itself. There are no restrictions on this app and it is free.

character creator free



You can create your photo into an avatar in just a few simple steps so if you haven’t found any avatar yet you can visit this website and you will get your avatar. Anyone can use Instructables it is free to use. If you are bad in drawing not to worry, with Illustrator you can use the auto trace tool and it will capture the necessary lines for you.

pick a face


21.south Park Avatar

It is an anime avatar maker website It is created by south park studio themselves. You can also create a character to create an avatar when you have done creating an avatar you can save it on your computer.

avatar maker from photo


22.Doppel me

With this website, you can create a graphical photo like yourself, your friends, or any other person you can use your avatar anywhere on the web. It’s free of cost it just needs a browser and a few more clicks that’s it. With doodle me you can create a graphical likeness of yourself, friends, or your close ones.

miliatry avatar creator



Your gravatar is an image just like you. you can create 80*80 Pixel avatar which will be delivered on your email in a few hours. Gravatar is a free service for users, developers, and owners. A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar.

gaming avatar maker


24. Turn Yourself Into an Anime Avatar

This website allows you to create an avatar from the neck up. you can fully edit your photo into an avatar it is damn easy you can change your hair, eyes, nose, etc. It is developed by manga and it is mostly used to create anime avatar

anime avatar


Well, all the above sites mentioned are the best you can visit any of them. if this article was helpful then share it on social media and also with your family and friends. If you have any queries then comment it in the comment box I will update my article and up your suggestion into that so just go and find out other websites.


10 Best Avtar/character Maker Apps 2020

Creating an avatar of yourself is no an easy task you have to be good at photoshop to create your avatar but many of relying on android to edit our images nowadays cartoon avatar are the latest trend on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc and If you are searching for the best android app to create avatar then you are in the right place in this topic we are going to tell you about some of the best avatar maker apps.


Bitmoji has millions of active users right now and it is one of the best and top-rated apps available on play store. You can create your expressive avatars also and the best thing about bitmoji is you can create your avatar based on your emotions, for example, laughing, crying version of yourself, and much more so what are you waiting for just go and download bitmoji.

cartoon avatar maker



well, androidify cannot make your photo into avatar but androidify lets you create, accessorize and make something that looks exactly like you you can create a bug droid version of yourself androidify provides you many options of customizing like different color options, shape, size and much more so androidify can be the best pick for you that you can use right now.

virtual avatar app

3.Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

It is another one of the best and unique apps available play store you can use this app to create an avatar of yourself this app also provides you many customizing options face style, hairstyle, etc.with the help of this app you can customize everything of your choice according to you so you can give a try to this app.

best avatar app 2020

4. Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

This app is from picfix art studio it is used by thousands of people right now and it a top-rated app which provides you many customization options so that you can create a fully customizable avatar of yourself with the help of this app you can also combine various face parts which are a cool feature.

talking avatar creator free


If you are looking for an app that will create your funny avatar than this app will be the best pick for you through this app you can turn your photo into a funny avatar the best thing is you can also create emoticons from you any picture and you can also choose your favorite background.

3d avatar apps

So these are the same apps that will help you to create your avatar so if this these apps helped you share it on social media and if you know any other app let me know in the comment box.


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