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15 Best Apps To Block Calls On Android in 2020

best apps to block calls

Mobile phones have become essential for us. according to research there are more than 5 billion mobile phone users today. We receive a lot of phone calls every day many of them are annoying we are talking about spam calls these calls are very disturbing and time-consuming.

If you want to get rid of annoying calls you have to use call blocker apps there are plenty of options available If you are not using any call blocker app you have to reject all the calls individually which are a very annoying thing. these call blocker apps will block scam call automatically.

The working of all these apps is very simple as you block ads from browsers by using different tools similarly you can also block annoying calls so in his article we have discussed 20 apps to block spam calls.

20 Best Apps To Block Calls On Android in 2020

We have tested all the apps before telling you so let’s check the best call blocker apps for smartphones so without wasting much time lets get into the topic.

1.Safest Call Blocker

This app will block spam and manage your phone calls this app works in real-time and blocks spam calls this app is very simple to use. This app will automatically block spam calls and you can also block specific numbers you can also create your blocklist to block numbers this app is free but it contains some advertisements and you can also block a series of numbers it is one of the best apps to block calls on android.

call blocker


Itis one of the popular apps you just have to put the phone number into spam and you will not receive any call from that number this app has many other features also you can also identify unknown call it will give you complete detail about an unknown person with this app you have the option to accept or reject the unknown call if any spammer tries to call you this app will automatically show that number as spam and This app is free.

block numbers

3.Call Blocker- Blacklist

It is one of the most advanced apps to block spam calls it is of the best apps available for free without any ads it has all the functionalities it has a very simple user interface that’s why it is loved by many people this app will also block messages and phone calls from unknown numbers you will not be aware of the thing that some fake apps try to create a contact from contact list this will block those apps also.

call block


4.Mr. Number

If you want to block specific country calls than you can enter country code and all the numbers from that country will be automatically blocked if you have some friends of that country than you can remove their numbers from the blocked list. This app has a very user-friendly interface and it is free to use Mr blocker is the smartest app to block calls and texts in our list.

how to block apps


It is used over billions of people around the world it will automatically block all spam calls and messages it is the most accurate apps to identify unknown phone numbers it is quite similar to truecaller if you don’t want to share call logs then you can skip this pp and try another app in our list and it is ad-free the best feature about this app is you can look reverse phone numbers.

best call blocker app iphone

6. Call Control – Call Blocker

This is also a dependable mobile app that will block your calls automatically from spammers If you wanted to block a specific number you can do that also by putting that number in blacklist you can also customize this app according to you it has a very simple and amazing user-interface it is very simple to use everyone can use this and it is free.

best call blocker app for android 2019

7.Norton Mobile Security 

This app not only block calls but it has other features also and it provides full security to your device you can use call blocking feature for blocking unknown calls and messages. If you want your device to be protected for malware then this might be the best pick for you this app will be a perfect choice for those who wanted their device all aspects of security.

best call blocker for android without ringing

8. Should I Answer 

It is another powerful tool to block calls and messages it will divide unknown numbers into different categories. These different categories include spammers, marketers, etc. If you want to block a specific number then you just have to type number this will reduce your work you don’t have to add a number in your contacts. This app gives full freedom to its users.

app to block private numbers


9.Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

This app is mostly known for its virus protection but it does multiple tasks it will also help you do block numbers. It can also be used to block messages if you want you can also take its premium version but the free version will be enough for you it is ideal for those who have used avast antivirus before it also has junk cleaner features for cleaning unwanted data.

spam blocker android

10. Blacklist Plus

blacklist plus has a very good user-interface it is one of the best apps for call blocking as it gives multiple options of blocking if someone from blocklists tries to call you the call will be blocked you can also bock full contact list and if you want to block someone for a certain period you can go to limit settings the person will be automatically unblocked after some time.

spam blocker android

11.Call app

this app will provide you every information about the caller and you will decide whether to answer or not this app contains a crawler which will provide you a data or some information in an incoming call it also has many other features like automatic call recording, call reminders which will remind you about calls but this application is only available for android users.

blacklist plus apk


This application sends an “out of service” message to all the spammers and marketers with this application you can block calls with ease. You can also send a custom message to different callers. This app is best for both android and ios users. It has many other features like free conference calls, better visual voicemail service and a bit more features that’s why it is loved by many users.

free telemarketer call blocker


It is one of the best apps available on the web you can easily identify unknown calls and spammers across the world. this app allows you to identify numbers even you don’t have to open the app.this app will be the right pick for you to block calls and messages on android and will get the full identity of the unknown callers and you can also create your own block list.

call blacklist pro apk

14.Call Blocker From NQ Mobile Security

It is another good application to block calls and stop coming spam messages the best thing about this app is it is easy to use and it is very lightweight and has a very friendly user-interface apart from call blocking it can it also detects one-ring scams it is another best app that you can use right now on your android phone and it has much more options.

 call blocker app for jio phone

15. Master Call Blocker

with this application, you can focus on disturbing spam callers who disturbs you while doing your work this application user-interface is very simple and very easy to use you can be safe from spam calls in just a few simple steps it is one of the amazing apps that you can use right now.

call control app

Final thought

All the app mentioned is unique and best in their own way you can choose any of them all the 15 apps mentioned have been created keeping in mind all the requirements of users. So these are the best apps to block calls and messages.

I hope that this article helped you in finding the best call blocker app if you liked this article share it on social media so that everyone can get benefit from it and if you know any other app then let me know in the comments box I will update this article and add your given suggestion.

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