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Best chrome extentions in 2020

best chrome extentions

Google chrome is one of the best browsers in the world and it has many sections that can help you in doing your work If you are a photographer, web designer or have any other profession there are many chrome extensions that you can use to increase productivity. It is used for many purposes and this is only possible because of a large variety of chrome extensions.

The  Best Chrome Extensions That Will Make You Insanely Productive

Today I will be sharing some extensions and apps that will increase your productivity and make your online work easier. google chrome is also used for the multi-purpose productive job so know it is the time to add some more exciting features to your browser.

1.Awesome Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is very important but sometimes it is difficult when you don’t know how to do that it has many tasks to take a screenshot like creating a text box, arrow, square or round box, etc. This web chrome extension will help you to take a screenshot in one single click if your screenshot is important then you can upload screenshots online. It has more than 2 million users and it is highly rated.

extentions chrome

2.Adblock Plus

No one likes ads when you visit every website. There is a solution to get rid of all the block is here you to protect from Facebook, pop up ads, etc. there are plenty of ad-blocking Chrome extensions available but it is the best and used by millions of people. Its initial release date is 2006 and it is developed by a German company and it can be used in all the other browsers also.

google addons


If you want to be a successful writer then your content does not have any grammatical mistakes. With this extension you can write content without any grammatical error. this is a very important chrome extension for students, bloggers, etc.or for all of those who wanted to write without errors. I also use this extension and this is very store extentions

4.Pixlr Editor

This extension is for photo editing if you don’t have photoshop and you still wanted to edit a photo like a pro then you must have this extension you don’t have to download the software but only install the web app and you can use most advanced photo editing extension. It is free to use anyone can use this extension.

best chrome extentions for students

5.WOT (Web of Trust)

It is a very hard task to find which information is authentic and trustworthy. Here comes the work of this extension you will get some precious information for eg the reputation of the site base on the data of previous visitors. It would help you to choose the best site. It was founded on July 26 it is free of cost.


6.VPN – Unlimited Free & Fast Security VPN

It is the best VPN service that I know with the help of this extension you can reach any content worldwide without any restrictions.VPN masks your Ip and hides your location and also protects your data from being hacked by hackers and trackers.with this extension you also get access to blocked websites. You can enjoy music, play games, etc.

funniest chrome extentions

This is one of the best to-do list apps it can be downloaded on both android or ios this extension helps the user to make a list of all to do tasks you can also make notes g mail messages into a task all the things will remain in your browser but you have to install this extension. You can easily turn a website in just single click and also create many tasks from the corner of the browser

best chrome extentions for developers

8.DuckDuckGo for Chrome

Nowadays privacy means a lot to everyone we know that web browsers use cookies and different tracking codes to get information about the user like location, data, etc.which are used to target ads and for other purposes also. If you want to use the internet without any privacy violation you can just download this extension this is very useful. You can use a search engine just after you install this extension.

stylish best chrome extentions

9.Hola Better Internet

Sometimes you want to search on the internet without revealing your real identity so that no one can track and hack you in this case this extension might be the best pick for you it is free of cost and is very effective and lets you use your web without tracking. You can visit all the blocked sites of your country using this extension.

extentions for marketers

10.The Great Suspender

Most of us are have a habit of opening useless tabs while working and it also frees up RAM and boosts your computer performance this extension will relive you by closing all the window which are of no use. If you don’t want to quit chrome and disturbed RAM-gobbling ways, so this extension will be a good pick for you.

latpass best chrome extentions

The best Google Chrome extensions 2020: do more with your browser

It is very hard to choose which extensions should we install so to reduce this problem we have created a list of 6 extensions to do more with your browser in 2020 you should give them a try and transform your online experience so let’s get into the article.

1.Evernote Web Clipper

If you are doing a project you find distracted by interesting articles when you are trying to focus on your work them EverNote clipper might be the best pick for you when you find something interesting when you are doing work just click on elephant icon and your article will be saved and you can read it later there are customizable keyboards shortcuts just need to sign in and you’ve clipped will be there, ready to read.

best chrome extention games


While doing work distracted by the notifications of the phone and not able to concentrate on your work then this extension is the best for you It puts all chat services in your browser like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram will receive all the notifications on your desktop like calls, messages, etc you can dismiss all of them through your computer. You can also send messages from your desktop.

best extentions for work

3.Tab Wrangler

If you are a kind person who opens hundreds of tabs while browsing then this extension will worth for you it close all the tabs that you haven’t used fora certain period you don’t have to worry all the tabs will be saved in Tab Wrangler’s ‘corral’ it is damn easy to open them again in just one click you can reopen them and if you want a particular tab pinned you can pin it.

stylish best chrome extentions


If you are bored by web pages and wanted to customize then you can customize it with this extension. The plus point is it allows you to add custom skins yo web pages you can edit any installed theme also if you read a white text on a black background it will not look good.

google extention gridview


If you forget your password easily with this extension you can keep your passwords in one place and login to different accounts automatically. You just have to remember your master password and you can get the other passwords that you have saved you just want to install the extension and wherever you have logged-in it will ask whether t save it or not.

best chrome extentions for teachers

Best Chrome Extensions To Identify Fonts in 2020

Sometimes it is difficult to know font names here is the work comes of these extensions so in this article we are going to tell you about some best chrome extensions that could help you in identifying font names in let’s get into the topic.

1.Font Finder

This website is one of the best fonts identifiers that you can use today generally it is meant for web developers but you can also use this chrome extension to extract information about fonts. It shows every detail about the fonts that you want to know. It can also replace font type on the live web page. This feature mostly helps web designers and developers.

chrome extention

2. Fonts Ninja

This website is for those who are searching for easy to use google chrome extension for designing websites or other things like that This extension is enough to extract information that which type of fonts are on different websites more accurately than anything else. You can identify any font from any website available on the internet without any problem.

google extentions

3.Font Picker

The user interface of this website is very easy and simple to use and is powerful enough to detect anything about the font of the website. It gives detailed information about the font this extension is not very popular but it is very useful. Once you have installed this extension you just have to right-click and you will all the information about the font for details you have to click font details option.

chrome addons

4.What a font

What font is the best and top-rated extension to identify fonts in 2020 you just have to click on the extension it will identify font very quickly you will instantly get all the information about the font?

best chrome extentions

5. Webfonting it!

It is effective and very simple to use font finder extension it is pretty much simple to what font that we have listed above it might be a good pick for you. You just have to right-click on the font and it will give all information to you.

best chrome extentions reddit

Final Thought

the above mentioned are some of the extensions that will increase your productivity and all the extensions are free and it works in all the platforms like chrome, Linux, etc. I hope this article helped you if this article helped you share it with your family, friends and close ones let them also have the benefit of these extensions and social media. if you know any other extensions let me know in the comment box I will be adding your suggested extensions and share your experience in the comment box I will work on my content.

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