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Best Emoji Apps For Android and ios in 2020

best emoji apps

Earlier chatting is a bit boring but now thousands of emojis available to make your chat more convenient Emojis can convert your simple conversation into a colorful discussion emojis also add a little bit emotional to your conversations.your android keyboard has several emojis only and doesn’t have the emoji that you need.

Best Emoji Apps For Android

Apple has used emoji on keyboards which is a great thing. but the question is what to do if you are an android user? if you are an android user you don’t have to worry there are many apps available on google play store so to reduce your work we have created a list of best emoji apps for android. These emojis apps are available free on play store in the form of a keyboard. So without wasting time lets get into the topic


This app allows you to create your emoji. It has a very large library of emojis and stickers they have so many stickers that you don’t have to send texts you can chat with emojis only. If your area googles keyboard user then you can send emojis directly the great thing about this app is it provides plenty of personalization options you can also dress your bit emoji this for both android and ios users overall it is one of the best emoji apps that you can use right now. You can also upload the story of your bitmoji.

emoji me

2. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

It would be one of the best picks for you if you want emojis on your keyboard It has a huge collection of emojis you can use these emojis on any platform which includes social networking sites. this app has many other features also like flow tying, word suggestion, etc. It suggests emoji when you type any word suppose if you type mango it will show you mango emoji It will be one of the best apps that you can use right now and it is very easy to use you just have to install the app and do few settings then you will get emojis while typing.

android keyboard

3.Emoji Free

If you want more than 100 of emojis on your phone then this app might be the best pick for you this app has a tonne of emojis available which you can use to enhance your communication once you use its app you will love it. In this app, you will get static emojis, stylish emojis, animated emojis and if you are creative you can also create your custom emoji by combing emojis together plus point of this app is that If you want you can use cool emojis fonts to make your text stylish. you should give a try to this app if you want more emojis.

best emoji maker app for android


4.Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

This app offers you a wide variety of emojis the company claims that there are more than 3600+ emojis available and you can also add themes and custom backgrounds to your keyboard some app offers a premium version also to increase their revenue but this app relies on advertising for revenue so you just have to watch one or two ads and avail its all the features for free the plus point of this app is your keyboard will also work when you will play conversations games like free fire, clash of clans and many more this app is almost compatible with all the versions of android.

best avatar emoji app

5.Elite Emoji

You just have to install this app and you will get access over thousands of high-definition emojis and sticker that you can use in your daily conversations through this app you can send emojis in just single click You will also get access to different GIFs and you can also create custom emojis it will also suggest you captions according to your personality.

best animated emoji app for iphone

6.GO Keyboard

GO app will fully transform your typing experience and it has a huge collection of emojis they have about 3000+ emojis and stickers and you can also customize your keyboard it is a very popular app it has over 4 million ratings which is a great thing it can be counted as one of the best apps you can search for your favorite emojis and it will provide you within few seconds you can also increase your typing speed with this app and it is free and it is one of the advanced apps you can consider.

best emoji maker app for android

7.Flash Keyboard

This app is known for its emojis you will find any emoji that you want it also gives you further customization options that you can use to change your keyboard. The keyboard will adjust it according to you and the best thing is it supports more than 50 languages in the world so every one of us can use it it will work with all your social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It supports the latest versions of android and it is free but you have to watch one or two advertisements while using this app.

fun emojis


If you wanted to create your photo as an emoji then you can easily do with this app you just have to install this app and start creating your emoji then you can share it with your family and friends you will enjoy a lot while making your emoji but the bad thing about this app is you cannot share your emoji through your messaging you have to use standalone messaging apps. You can only share your emoji through its in-built messaging app which is not featureful like other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

interactive emojis

9.Kika Keyboard

This app not only offers you a lot of emojis but different types of fonts, GIFs also and much more you can customize your keyboard in your way it offers you a lot of keyboard themes also it also offers you an option of voice typing which all modern keyboards provide you can also use your keyboard as swipe keyboard it also recognizes your typing method and suggests you similar words when you are typing it is a free app but it has some advertisements.

emoji keyboard download


This application is only for ios users you can customize your emojis and arrange them in suitable order for yourself so that you can type easily. It is very easy to customize your keyboard according to you and can put your emojis in such a place where it can be accessed easily you can even make a combination of emojis for yourself to use this app updates it emojis collection daily so that you can use something new every day.

best emoji maker app for android

Final thought

So this is the list of some best emojis for android and ios that you can use in your daily life to make your conversations interesting you can choose any of them all are best and if you liked this article share it on social media so that all others can know about best emoji apps and if you know any other app let me know in the comments box I will update your suggestion.

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