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Best Free Photo Editing Apps “edit like a pro”

best free photo editing apps

If you are looking for best free photo editing apps that helps you to edit photos like a pro? Capturing a photo on a smartphone is a bit easy but to edit them is a quite hard task but you don’t have to worry. We will provide you with the best apps that have all the features. A photograph doesn’t look as good as they could unless you apply a bit finishing touch.

According to research most of the people use smartphones for capturing pictures and unedited pictures look quite unpleasant so for your convenience we have shortlisted best free photo editing apps that you can use on your smartphone right now to give your photo a professional look. It can be quite hard to find the best photo editing app according to your needs.

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhones and Android

You will also find many photo editing apps on the web but we have created a list of best and easy to use apps that have all the editing features from cropping to adding filters. All the apps listed are personally tested by me and these apps have some unique features you can do many things with these apps so without wasting time lets get into the topic.

Why You Should Edit Your Photos

There are many reasons why you should edit your photo before uploading one of the main reasons why you should edit your photo is that unedited photo looks quite unpleasant Every beginner or a professional photographer first edit their photos then upload it.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is one of the most important steps in photo editing sometimes you don’t get a perfect environment to click the photos you have to do some small enhancements in your photo in fact it is necessary to balance colours to give your photo a professional look you can balance colours easily with below-given apps.

Photo Retouching

One of the main reason for using photo editor apps is to retouch them and enhance your photo there are some imperfect things in your photos like wrinkles, spots etc you can perfect these things using photo editing apps.

How to Choose The Best Free Photo Editor?

when you have to choose best photo editing apps you have to keep many things in your mind like features, editing tools and much more and mostly choosing the best photo editing app depends on your needs.

Standard Editing Tools

The main thing that you need to edit a photo is editing tools be it a beginner or a professional photographer everyone needs basic photo editing tools like filters, brightness and contrast adjustments etc.

Photo Sharing

The main motive of photo editing is to upload your photo on social media platforms so that others can also know about your work it is pretty much time consuming that you have to first edit photo then upload it on social media some of the app listed allows you to share your photo directly after editing.

1.Snapseed for Android and iOS

available for iOS and Android.

At the first time, it was only available for ios but later it was also available on play store it is one of the best photo editings apps and has a very clean user-interface. Raw files are also supported moreover, you can use this app for professional as well as daily use and it was developed by a German company. The best feature I loved about this app is it automatically saves your editing history so that you can use these settings for other pictures also.

It is very easy to use the app you just have to select the pictures and start editing snapseed will provide you with various photo editing options some of them include brightness, filters etc. You can easily enhance your pictures through snapseed and you will definitely love this app It also has all the advanced editing options that a good photo editor app should have.


  • plenty of photo editing tools with various types of filters
  • You can export your pictures easily without any problem
  • Different kinds of brushes that you can use at specific areas in simple words if you want to increase the brightness of a particular area

snapseed photo editing


Available for iOS and Android | Free

If you are searching for an advanced photo editing app then you can go with VSCO(pronounced visco)  It is a paid app but now you can use it for free VISCO has a huge collection of filters. It is one of the best apps to edit photos you can use some of the filters for free but if you wanted to use more filters you can buy them. Don’t skin without visiting the app as VISCO free filters are enough for many of us.

just like other apps, VISCO has basic editing tools too like brightness, contrast, hue etc moreover, it is enough tools to edit like a pro however If you are a newbie in editing than you might take time to figure out its tools as this app works on numbers instead of names like B2, X3 etc and this might take a little bit time to understand.


  • Lots and lots of filters.
  • Almost all editing tools.

best apps to edit photos

3.Pixlr Express 

Available for Android and iOS

Pilxlr express is a quite useful app you can easily correct your images by removing unwanted spots, marks etc. Pixlr has a large collection of tools which you can use to give the photo a finishing look. The app has a quite user-friendly interface which will help you to edit your photos easily. You will also get some powerful effects like photoshop pencil, sketch and other effects.

Pixlr is just like a photoshop clone You will get few features of photoshop on pixlr and you can easily import your photos Pixlr is one of the most powerful apps for editing images on your smartphone all the tools on pixlr is very well organized so you can give try to pixlr if you are looking for a powerful editing app.


  • Many amazing filters s like photoshop.
  • You can also make a photo collage.
  • Remove unwanted objects easily.
  • You can also add different kinds of fonts.

best photo editing apps for selfies

4.Adobe Lightroom

Available for iOS and Android

This ap version is quite popular among desktop users you can also import RAW files(high-quality images)  quite popular among photographers the app mainly focuses on providing its users best tools. It works perfectly with all the devices you can purchase its premium version also but I will suggest you not to buy premium version because its free version is enough.

It supports almost all types of images after editing you can also store your files in the cloud It short it is a convenient and highly advanced app and this app will also provide you plenty of editing tools in my opinion, it will worth you downloading this app. The best feature about this app that you can adjust your photo perfectly.


  • You can crop as well as rotate your image.
  • You can easily resize your images.
  • supports almost file formats.
  • You can add text.

best photo editing apps for mac


Available for iPhone and Android

You can easily add pictures, stickers, texts to your photos easily with aviary It has al the basic editing tools like crop, brightness, etc with a very nice understandable interface You can use this app to perform simple editing you can easily enhance your image you can also add some graphic elements. If your a meme lover you can easily create different sorts of memes with the aviary.

You can directly upload your edited picture to social media platforms you can also purchase its premium version to add extra effects and many of its function are paid. In simple words, it is a nice photo editor apps which you can use to edit your normal photos.


  • You can easily create different sorts of memes.
  • Aviary has all the basic editing features.
  • you can also create a collage.
  • Easy to use.

best free photo editor app for android best

6.PicsArt Photo Studio

Available for Android and ios

PicsArt is a powerful photo editing app which allows you to use powerful tools like create graphics, create layers and many more interesting tools. You can also try PicsArt various effects like blur, pop art etc. it is pretty much easy to apply an effect on an already saved photo then taking a picture it will also provide you with plenty of drawing tools and I personally use this app and loved it.

Downloading PicsArt will worth you and it is quite easy to use PicsArt has a very comfortable user interface. This app is also used by some professional photographers and you can do many things o this app Note: you can also change the background of any picture using this app. In my opinion, it is one of the best photo editing app you can try this out.


  • Plenty of photo editing tool.
  • lots of filters
  • lots of drawing tools.
  • very easy to use.

7.BeFunky Photo Editor

It is a quite interesting app just like other apps you will get different kinds of tools like contrast, brightness etc you can change the clour scheme of your photo using its tools you can apply different filters and layers. The best thing about using this app is that it has many templates which you can use for creating a Facebook page and or other platform images. Those templates are regularly updated. You can also add different types of fonts, stickers on your photographs.

If you have no idea that how you can edit your photo then you can also see other peoples works and edit yours like them I guarantee you that be funky will satisfy all your requirements but one annoying thing about this app is ads. Its drag and drop feature makes it super easy to use and after editing you can share your photo to various platforms.


  • You can also create digital art.
  • important features like cropping and resizing.
  • create wallpapers for your phone.
  • Easily replace colours.

best photo editing app for pc

8.Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This app has pretty satisfying tools and filters or editing options you just have to add your photo in the app and start editing this app has hundreds of filters to apply on your photo you can also add high-resolution images but one drawback is that you cannot upload pictures more than 4096×4096 pixels.

Every one of us loves to take selfies you will also get a Selfie Makeup filter so this feature makes it best photo editing apps for selfies which will help you to reduce blemishes the app has free and paid versions if you want more filters you can take its premium version ( not needed free version will be enough) It is a nice app you can try out its various interesting features.


  • Provides you lots of filters.
  • Lots of editing tools.
  • provides various options to improve skin quality.

best free photo editing apps for android


Available for iOS and Android

If you are looking for a website to create posters or other visuals then you can go with canva you just have to take a photo and upload it on canva and you can create amazing posters and visuals. Canva provides you with several editing tools like vignette, filters etc one thought may come in your mind that is it hard to create a poster or banner? It is very easy you can create posters or visuals in a few minutes.

You can also edit your photos with canva you don’t need any special training to that how to use this app it has thousands of design which will help you to your photo like a pro one of the best thing about canva is that it is pre-built templates you just have to drag and drop your photo. You can create stunning photos with canva and export them easily.


  • many pre-built templates.
  • Dozens of fonts, designs, colours.
  • super easy to use.
  • Provides you with full support if you have any issue.

best free photo editing apps for iphone



Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world but did you know that you can also edit your photos on Instagram its filters are mainly for normal people not for professional photographers. It is a fast and hassle-free photo editing app that will help you to edit your normal photos.

Instagram has all the basic editing tools and filters that you need to edit your photo Apart from editing photos, you can also use its other features like you can upload your story or use its live option whichever app you use to edit your photos but in the end, you’re going to upload them on Instagram.


  • Lots of filters and have all the basic editing tools.
  • Apart from editing, you can use its different features.

Instagram photo editing


We have mentioned many best free photo editing apps you can choose apps according to your needs you can choose any of these apps to enhance your photo the best thing about these apps is that you can use all the app for free so if you like this article share it with your friends and if you have any queries let me know in the comments box.

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