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12 Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android in 2020

The best thing about an Android smartphone is that it allows you to customize most of the things and you can customize your phone’s ringtone also. Earlier it is a bit difficult to find a custom ringtone you have to go to different websites to find a custom ringtone.

Getting a custom ringtone is not much popular now as it was earlier but now you can easily find the custom ringtone for your smartphone there are plenty of apps available on the play store to get custom ringtones.

10 Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android 2020

So if you are searching for the best ringtone apps than you are in the right article. In this article, We will provide you 10 best free ringtone apps for android in 2020 that you can use right now. you will find a list of best free ringtone apps every app is unique in its way you can use any of the apps provided in the list. I bet you at the end of the article you will find your best free ringtone apps so let’s get into the topic.

1.MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

As the name of the app suggests this app is meant for ringtones and wallpapers. This app will provide you a large variety of ringtones, alarm tones, etc you can choose any of the ringtones provided and if you don’t like any of them you can apply your custom ringtones. This app not only provides ringtones but you can also choose high quality and live wallpapers. This app is pretty much similar to Zedge and you can give a try to it.

best free ringtone app for iphone


It is one of the best most popular apps available on play store with this app you can download ringtones, alarm tones, and much more. This app has an amazing it can be used for other purposes also like it allows you to put different wallpapers and themes you can also search for a particular ringtone on this app you can use this app for free but it contains ads. If you want you can spend money on its premium contents.

best music ringtones

3. Audiko

This app provides a large number of databases you can choose any of the ringtones and its database is a daily update. if you don’t want to choose you can also create your custom ringtone. It gives many features to edit a ringtone you can cut, add any song and do much more with this app you can also download Hd and 4K wallpapers with this app and the best thing is it supports all file formats.

best ringtones


4. Z Ringtones

If you are searching for aa good ringtone app then this app might be the best pick for you It has a lot of high-quality ringtones, alarm tone can choose any of them and directly select as your phone ringtone and it has a user-friendly interface and it is free but one drawback is this app has slots of ads as other free apps have.

free ringtones


It is another best ringtone app with no doubt If you don’t know about this app let me explain a few things about this app It gives you two options either you can choose a ringtone from their playlist or you can create your custom ringtone. you may think that it is very hard to create a custom ringtone? No, you are wrong it is very easy to create a custom ringtone and it is pretty much similar to other apps this app might be perfect for you.

best music ringtones

 6.Mp3 Cutter

If you want a custom ringtone on your app created by you that this app will be the best pick for you it provides multiple options of editing and it supports all file formats which is a good thing you can also use your personal recorded voice other apps does not provide this feature it is a free app but has some ads this will be one of the apps for you to create a custom ringtone.

ringtone app download

7.Free Ringtones for Android

It will give you one the best ringtones and had wallpapers you can choose from a large variety of options this app has 550+ringtones and 750+hd wallpapers you can also use them as your SMS can be downloaded for free through play store it customizes your wallpaper daily you can also set your favorite sound on your home screen.

ringtone music

8.Myxer Free Ringtones App

You can create your ringtone with this app and you can also edit them They can be as long as 30 seconds!! it is a great application and it is becoming popular day by day it has great features which are very easy to use.IT works only on android and window, not on an ios device it is one of the easiest apps that you can use right now to create a custom ringtone.

top 100 ringtones

9.Mobiles Ringtones

This app provides you a lot of latest mp3 ringtones which you can use for free Its interface is god looking and easy to use this app has arranged ringtones according to categories you can download the most popular ringtones with this app. If you love to listen to mp3 songs then this might be the best pick for you.

call ringtone download

10.Ringtone Maker

This is different from other apps and you might like this app. This app is with extra features you can create your ringtone just like mp3 cutter you can also cut and paste ringtones of your choice and have many others features also it is very easy to use and it is free and it is pretty much similar to ringderoid the best thing is it supports all file formats It is one of the best picks for you.

best music ringtones of all time

11.Phone Ringtones

If you have less storage in your phone and searching for a lightweight application then this app might be the best pick for you you can also change your SMS ringtone this app has a large collection of ringtones you can choose any ringtone not only phone ringtones but it also has a huge collection of alarm and SMS tones you can also create a custom ringtone.

sweet loud ringtone

12.Best New Ringtones 2020

If you want the latest ringtones for your phone then you have to download this app. This app has all the cool latest ringtones that you might like.and it also has popular SMS through this app you can also download offline playback.

ringtone maker

Which is the best Android app for ringtone?

there is nothing like best apps you can download any of them all the app has unique features and selection of apps depends on your needs these apps are used by thousands of people.

How safe is Zedge for downloading ringtones?

Zedge is a very popular website that allows you to download different types of ringtones, themes, and much more. It is a very trusted app that’s why it is used by millions of people.

Can I cut songs to make it ringtone?

Yes, you can cut songs and make ringtones but for this purpose I suggest you mp3 cutter will be the best pick for you.

Final thought

So in this article I have provides you the list of best ringtone apps that you can use in 2020 and if this article helped you share it on social media and also inform your family members about this so that most of the people can get benefit from this and if you know any other app then let me know in the comment box I will update your given information.

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