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15 Best Free Sites to Read Comics Online in 2020

Today also some people are comics enthusiast and this article is mostly for them. We will be telling only free websites so that anyone can read comics hold a special place in the heart of its readers. It is a very difficult work to find a perfect comic for you sometimes you don’t get the comics which you wanted to read.

Availability of comics is a major reason that people are not reading comics if provided better options people still loves to read comics in this article you will get to know about how you can read comics online for free so let’s discuss 15 best websites to read comics online for free 2020.

1. ComiXology

It is a very popular website being a comic lover you need to give a try to this website. There are plenty of books available for free but it is not completely free to use if you are a comic enthusiast than you can purchase its premium subscription it would be worth for you. The mobile app provides a very nice experience. You can create your free account now and get access to tons of books. This website is owned by Amazon.

comic website free

2. Marvels Official Site

Marvel is the most famous name in the world of comics most of us love to read marvel comics even I am a fan of marvels. Its official website allows you to to read some free issues currently they are having about 50 issues free to read it is not compulsory to create a profile I know this website will become your favorite. If you want to read unlimited comics of a marvel than you have to pay for it and if you buy a paid subscription you will get access over 25000 marvel comics. FOR PAID CLICK HERE



It offers a large number of comics that you can read for free the disliked thing about this website is it shows ads. You can get rid of ads by taking its premium subscription and there is a free 30 days trial also this website has very interesting comics that you might like so check this website. Comics area part of our daily life as you find several humor strips in your newspaper.

read comics website

4.Amazon Kindle Store

It is one of the largest comic galleries on the web it has e-books and comics for you to read online all books are not free but many are free it has also a free collection of manga comics you will just have to crawl your browser patiently to get the best content or you can take its premium subscription. this website is updated regularly which is a good thing you can also use filters to find comics.

comic website free

5.Digital museum comics

It is a fantastic website to read comics online you can find your favorite classic comic books free of cost. The same comics are sold at very higher prices on books stores you just have to create your account to download any comic the drawback of this website is it does not update its portal with new comics you can recall your childhood memories from this website.

digital comic museam


Elfnovel is an old website but it allows you to read more than 20 million comics and novels this website also have a collection of 700 vintage stories if you like adventuring stories then this website will be a good pick for you there are several series available on this will love their comics collection and you can also listen to their podcasts.

read english comic online

7.Comic Book Plus

It is one other name that specializes in our list it offers comics to its audience in a convenient manner and it is a very interesting website with a user-friendly interface you can just read comics without creating your profile. It was established in 2006 it includes several features which cannot be found anywhere else there are many sections on this website once you start exploring this website it would be very difficult to stop.

batman read online

8.The Internet Archive

This website has thousands of comics it is designed for the older audience you can also find classic comics have become collectible know you will get classic comics on other websites if you are a manga lover then you need to visit one time. you will not be bored on this website if you are a comic lover scrolling trough this website and click on random comic will be the best strategy for you.

read comic books

9. Drive thru Comics

It has huge collection of comics except for DC and marvels the plus point is this website offers you to read comics in different languages and it is free you have to visit this website if you want to read a variety of comics some of the series are available free but fr some you have to pay they have a  wide range of publishers and update comics on a daily base.

Digital comics

10.Dark Horse Free Pages

It is a website that offers comics of dark house publishers these websites offer a very large variety of comics the user-interface of this website is amazing and it is free to use it has many categories you can choose your favorite one it is regularly updated with the latest comics.

free comics download


It offers its users to read comics for free and have other specialties also. If you are interested in sci-fi then its website will be the best pick for you.  if you want You can also discuss theories you can read the collection of their comics and other texts. You can also get the latest sci-fi related news this website will be an interesting place for you to visit. You can also find many other things than comics.

view comics

12.Comic Blitz

This website is for indie lovers if you are an indie lover than you have to try this website. It has an incredible indie comic collection this website offers to services one is free and the other is paid If you want to subscribe to its premium version then you have to pay $7.99/month.You can read unlimited content if you take its premium subscription.

dc kids

13.DC Kids

Just like marvel DC is also popular but it is too popular like marvel.this website has tons of comics collection for youngsters and this is also a kid-friendly website you will love this website and their comics collection this website is paid. This website will be a perfect pick for young comic enthusiasts this website offers a limited content but you will love its content.

dc kids comics


It is not a website or app for discovering comics but with this website, you can read comics easily it is a software that is used to view images and you can also save them it supports all image formats so it will one of the best software for reading comics online. (you have to translate if you are from outside China.)

read english comic online


If you are a manga lover that you can visit this website once it is one of the best websites where you can read and discover comics it shows all the new content on its homepage the website structure makes it very easy to use.

read comics

final thought

After reading this post you got to know about the best 15 websites that you can visit online to read comics in some of the websites you can read without creating an account while in some you have to create an account it takes only 2 mins to create an account.

If this article helped you share it on social media and if you know any other comic name let me know in the comment box and I will update your given suggestion.

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