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Best Voice Changer For Discord

bes voice changer for discord

If you are a gamer or you have watched a popular gamer live stream then you should know the craze of voice changer programs .some of you might be aware of discord for those who are not aware of discord. discord is voice over IP where you can share images, text, etc between friends some people wanted to change their voice when they talk in can also prank your friends

Best Voice Changer For Discord in 2020

In this article we are going to tell some best voice changing Softwares in 2020 you can use any of them. You can also prank your friends with these the good news is that there are lots of voices changing Softwares available on the internet.

1.AV Voice Changer Software Diamon

It is one of the best and top-rated software available on the internet it will change your voice in real-time which is a great thing it provides a lot of pre-build modes like higher sound pitch, robotic, etc. It also works with other voice chatting platforms like skype, twitch, etc. This is paid software you have to pay ($99.95). This will be a little bit costly you can also edit your voice offline that’s why it is one of the best software.

robot voice


This is free software and there are plenty of filters available which will help you to edit your voice it is very easy to use and it works in real-time also it works with other platforms like Twitch, skype, is free software so it is mostly loved by all people. It is comparable with all new models of windows it has an inbuilt microphone which you will get when you install it and it is compatible with Fortnite, call of duty, etc.from now you will be able to modify your voice according to you.

voice changer


It is a lightweight software which can change your voice if you are searching for free software for skype, WhatsApp, etc then this might be a good pick for you when you open the application you get a list of free templates which are different of voices like a sweet girl, robot, etc. You can also create your custom voice also it has many options for customization and it is pretty fast you can give a try to this software.

best voice modifier

4.Voxal Voice Changer

It is one of the most advanced voice changing software it comes with two options one free and one is paid which is quite inexpensive it s one of the most useful software and it is very easy to use. It can change you’ve pitched in real-time it also has many sound effects as other software have it has any advanced features also and it is very friendly to beginner.

voice changer free


5.Clownfish Voice Changer

If you are searching a software for games like pubg, free fire, etc then you have to give a try to this software it is free of cost and works with all models of window and you can also change your voice in skype, hangouts, etc. It provides a large variety of sound effects and if you don’t like you can create custom also. It can also change your voice in the upcoming microphone.

robot voice

6.MorphVOX Jr.

It is an audio editing tool that allows users to edit their voice it has sound effects as all other tools provided the best feature is it learn from your actual to create optimal sound quality. the algorithms that it uses are of high quality it works without a hogging system the best feature of this tool is all-built in effect can be adjusted it gives you full control over your vice but is a little bit complicated.

discord voice changer

7.Voice changer with effects

We have told lots of voice changers for window now this one is for android and it is free you can download this on your smartphone this has many cool features as you have inhaled helium from a balloon you can also record your voice and you can apply your favorite effect and preview it and can do some changes this app is just for fun try out this app to see voice editing in your style.

av voice changer


8.RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

It is a fun application it is cheap you can buy for your smartphone It records your voice so that you can apply sound effects to your voice the best feature is that you can use your voice for mobile ringtone this feature not provided by other tools and apps this app is made by vocoder technology which allows you to play with your voice you can also customize your voice according to you.after customizing you can share it with your family and friends.

voice changer online

9.Audio for fun

It is advanced and top-rated software which you can use to customize your voice it has some sound effects if you don’t like them you can customize your voice by yourself and it comes with both free and premium version free versions allow you to edit some videos but in premium, you can edit as much video you want It is for skype only.

professional voice changing software

10.Discord Voice Changer

It is justified by its name itself it is a vice changing app for discord through this app you can change your voice easily and it is only for android. It gives you many features to edit your voice this app is not available on the play store and it does not have its website.So the question arises from where we can get it? you can get it from third party sources.

voxal voice changer

Final thought

which one do you choose to let me know in the comment box you can choose anyone all are tested by myself.If this article helped you share it on social media so that all others can know about the best voice changer for discord.

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