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15 Best Windows 10 Themes/Skins in 2020 [Latest Themes]

windows 10 skins

If we discuss the best desktop operating system it would be windows 10 as compared to another desktop operating system window 10 is the best as it provides more features to its users. The default theme of windows 10 is good but if you want to customize your PC you are looking for the best windows 10 themes and skins.

The best thing about windows is that you can customize your PC easily without any problem you just have to apply your favorite themes and skins Using a custom theme not only changes the look of your PC but also improves your user-experience. Adding a custom theme gives your PC fully changes the look of your in this article we will provide you latest windows 10 themes and skins that will help you to improve your PC And give it a new look.

Best Windows 10 Themes/Skins in 2020

All the themes that are provided in this article are amazing and these themes are easily available on the internet some of the themes are free but some rare paid so without wasting much time lets look at the best windows 10 themes and skins.

1.Aero Glass

This theme is very cool and it will give your PC a fantastic look it will give aero glass interface and you will get a stylish interface it will give you a large variety of customization options and it is free. This theme will make your windows border transparent and you can also see behind the border. It will also work on low-powered computers which is  a great thing

themes for windows 10

2.Ubuntu SkinPack

Many of you might be aware of Ubuntu OS you can get the complete interface of ubuntu through this theme on your PC it will fully convert your PC into ubuntu This is one of the best options to change your PC interface into ubuntu interface, This theme will fully change your interface and it is one of the best themes that you can use right now you can also customize its features.

windows theme


3.Mac OS X El Capitan

If you want to make your computer look like macOS then this theme will be the best pick for you it has some similar features like macOS it will make your PC look similar to macOS this theme also clone some of the features of macOS like video player, launch pad and much more. Although it is a paid theme you can download this theme for free from this LINK.

microsoft themes


It is one of the most beautiful and clean themes available on the web this theme is borderless it has pretty much similar look to online cloud it willfully changes your PC and will improve your operating system So if you have storage issue than you don’t have to worry it is a very lightweight theme you just have to install and you can get all the benefits from it.

desktop themes


It is one of the amazing themes so you can just give a try to this theme it will fully transform your PC and it will make your operating system look like a notebook which is a cool feature and the best thing is you can fully customize its colors, wallpapers, and much more the theme according to your wish.

windows 10 themes download

6.Windows XP theme

If you want to remember your old memories of your computer then this theme will be the best pick for you some people uses this theme now also to remember their past days. Nostalgia is one of the best versions of all time you can download this theme for free and few customizations are also available so you can install this theme to remember your past days.

best windows 10 themes


If you are missing windows 7 then this theme might be the best pick for you with this theme you can enjoy all the features of windows 7 in your windows 10. It is one of the cool themes and is best for those people who are searching for windows 7 interface I use this theme you can give a try to this theme if you want windows 7 interface.

desktop themes


This theme will fully customize your desktop and it is is one of the most colorful themes available and, interestingly, this theme will offer you colorful buttons and you can easily customize them and this theme also offers a large variety of wallpapers and if you are the decent person who doesn’t like colorful theme so you don’t have to worry a dedicated night mode is also available.

windows 10 skins minecraft

9.Stardock Start 10 

If you are searching for a theme that will give you a classic start menu then you have to give a try to this theme it is one of the fantastic and one of of the best themes that you can use right now on your Windows 10 you can also customize this theme according to your choice it will give you hundreds of customization options and you can customize everything that you want.

best windows 10 skins


It might be one of the best picks for your windows 10 it is a very simple theme which has a user-friendly interface it does not offers you sophisticated features it will give your PC a decent look it has some unique options also and has some animations options also this theme will give you a clean user-experience if you want everything looks minimal on your PC then you should go with oxford theme.

hd theme for pc

11.Simplify 10

This theme will offer you a very clean interface this theme will help you to keep your desktop clean and also increase your productivity you will get a pack of 5 themes which is minimal and elegant you can save these themes in your app data and apply. It provides you some customization options it is one of the great themes that you can use for your windows 10.

windows 10 dark skins

12.FootPaths Theme

It is one of the best free themes which will provide you beckoning images and a beautiful set of nature wallpapers of Germany and England forests, wooden stairs, etc. This theme will provide you had images of nature and will provide you a good user-experience and willfully change your window experience. This theme was initially created for windows 7 but now you can use it in your windows 10.

windows 10 skins microsoft

13.Anime Theme

If you are an anime lover then this theme is for you if you are a kind of people who love to watch anime then this will sound good to you and it will also provide you some customization options that will help you set your PC according to you I bet you that this theme will enhance your user experience you just have to install this theme and you can and you can get anime theme on your PC.

windows skinpack collections

14.Soft Light Skin

If you are looking for such a theme that reduces eye strain then soft light skin will be the best for you It is not scientifically proven that it will reduce your eye strain completely this theme has soft tones and low brightness level but still, it reduces eye strain to some extent after using this theme you will feel relaxed and you will feel light on your eyes.

windows 10 skin pack for vistart

15.Stars Align Skin

It is another best skin for windows 10 that you can install right now it is different from other themes it does not reduces brightness levels or anything like that it fully replaces the interface with a combination of white and grey light which looks pretty cool and also relaxes your eyes and reduces eyes strain and it is one of the best skins packs that you can use on your PC.

jarvis theme download for windows 10

How To Install Windows 10 themes?

We have shared the direct links you will be redirected to a new page from there you can install themes and can get benefits from it.

How do I find Windows 10 themes?

A question might be put up in your mind that from where I have found these themes there are many themes available on the web we have selected the best and top-rated themes for you from different websites.

Are these themes safe to use?

Yes, all the themes mentioned above are safe to use thousands of people are currently using these themes so you don’t have to worry but for your security reasons you can use reliable security suites.

Final thought

So above mentioned are some of the windows 10 skins that you can install so if you liked this article you can share it on social media so that other people can know about windows 10skins and if you know any other themes let me know in the comments box.

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