Does motherboard matter? can it effect your performance

Are you planning on building a gaming PC? If Yes then you might have researched all the computer parts and heard about the motherboard isn’t it? Do you know what actually it is? A motherboard is a part of a computer that connects all the parts (like a soundcard, memory), etc.

Are you also confused about motherboard and wanna know does motherboard matter? Basically, the motherboard doesn’t have any impact on your performance until and unless you don’t have a high-end PC.

Does motherboard matter?

Let’s make it more clear by taking an example: suppose if you purchase a bike and use a normal engine then you’ll hardly see any change in performance. On the other hand, If you upgrade your engine you will see a great boost in speed and other stuff.

Similarly, if you are using a normal PC then the motherboard will hardly affect your performance but if you’ll buy a high-end PC and you’ll use a simple motherboard can have an impact (If you are going with high-end PC’s then you’ll also have to upgrade other parts too).

Conclusion: So in short Yes Motherboard does matter if you are going with a high-end Pc.


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