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(Working)Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords in 2020

rapidgators premium account

If you are among those people who invest who invests in data storage services then you must be aware of rapidgator. It is one of the best services where you can upload your data. It supports all file types be it pdf file or any can share it with your family and friends. as compared to all other hosting sites rapidgator has the fastest speed to upload or download anything. Are you searching for a premium account free username and password then you are on the best post you can upload music, games videos, etc with your friends and your close ones. We have searched many hosting services for you but rapidgator is the best to use. as a premium user, you can download unlimited files.

Free Premium Rapidgator Accounts & Passwords in 2020

Right now rapidgator allows two services one is free and the other is paid on free service there is bandwidth restriction of 500 MB. While premium account does not have any restrictions and it also has some additional features in its premium account. premium features are mentioned below.

1. There is no waiting time.

2. Unlimited files download. advertisements.

4.Very high download and upload speed.

5.No captchas for download.

6. No ques for file download.

7. By chance your file was deleted you can restore them.

8. You can upload and download files up to 5 GB.

Mentioned above are some of the main features of the rapidgators premium account.

How To Get Rapidgator Premium Accounts For Free?

rapidgator premium generator

#1) Rapidgator Premium Accounts Username and Password 2020

Below we are going to provide you some rapidgators premium accounts. these accounts are going to give you some username and passwords which will be used to use rapidgators premium account. Once you logged in the premium account you can use all the premium features for FREE. You don’t need high knowledge to use its account. Its user interface is very simple you can get rapidgators premium account in few seconds.

Note: The does not own any account all these accounts were provided by the internet in case if you find any email or password wrong you can try others.

Sr. No. Email Password
1 stftesyt2
2 bugmenot123
3 aaazzz11
4 j1esus



















#2) Get a Free Rapidgator Accounts Using Leech Method

Free rapidgator account users are not allowed many features to use free. Most of us love to watch movies but if you don’t have a premium account you cannot download large files.

By using rapidgator leech method you can download files large files easily without any problem so just read the following steps carefully.

#first go to premium leech website, HERE

#Now, copy your Link and paste to the “Blank Box”

#Then click I am not a robot.

#Then click I agree to terms of service.

#Then click on the “Generate Premium Link” button!

You got your premium rapidgator link for free.

#3) Using Rapidgator Cookies

If you don’t know about cookies .cookies are simple text files that contain the website you visited information and have a unique identifier. Rapidgators premium cookies can be used directly to login into the rapidgators premium account. So without wasting much time let me explain to you the cookie method. Follow the steps carefully.

#Open your chrome browser

#Visit ( ) and install edit this cookie extension.

#Restart your Chrome browse.

#Visit rapidgators website click on the cookie option and go to import.

#Copy the code below and click on the tick button.


#Now refresh the page and you are logged in to rapidgators premium account. Don’t log out from this account otherwise you will no be able to use it again.

Guys, I hope this method worked for you with this trick you can log in in rapidgators premium accounts for free and use its premium features. If you liked this article then share it with your family and friend and help them also share it on social media. If you have any doubts you can comment on it in the comment box we will update as early as possible.

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