Granny Story For Kids

I had a grandmother. It is evident. But I never saw them. My mother died before she was married. Later, due to not being able to hear the story from the grandmother, we three sisters had to tell stories themselves. Even if you have not heard the story from the grandmother, you must have heard the story of the grandmother and after a long time, she understood her true heart. It was known earlier that my maternal grandmother was a traditional, illiterate, malevolent woman, whose husband left her soon after marriage and went to Vilayat to study the library. When he returned from Cambridge University with a degree and started living a life with luxury customs, he had no effect on his maternal living, nor did he express any desire or aspiration or choice of his husband. ever done.

But when the nanny found herself close to death at a young age, the worry of the marriage of her mother, the fifteen-year-old only daughter, was so frightening that she was absolute. She started crying. She told Nana that she wanted to leave the curtains and meet her friend freedom fighter, Pyarelal Sharma. Everyone was shocked. What could a foreign woman who had not spoken to a man, openly speaking to his man, want to say to a stranger at the last moment? But Nana took care of the lack of time and the beauty of opportunity! Instead of wasting time in question and answer, he immediately went and brought a friend to Liva and presented her in his wife’s house.

Now what the nanny said was even more surprising. He said, “Make a promise that you will decide the groom for my girl. My husband is a sire and I do not want my daughter to be married to the ‘businessman of the Sahibs’. You will find a soldier of freedom like you and get her married.” Who could have said that a woman completely oblivious to her freedom would have such a passion for the freedom of the country? Later I came to understand that she must have been quite independent in her personal life. Well, he did not interfere in Nana’s life, nor did he share it, but she did live her life in her own way.

I had heard my grandmother say many times, “We don’t get plow on elephants. We do it. We are bulls.” As a child, I understood the meaning of this jumla, when I saw that, in the matter of raising children, we had all the animals of the house apart from the mother, not only the grandmother and her daughters but her own self, her father. Too.

But not doing concrete work did not mean that the mother had less passion for freedom. He was full and in his own way, she continued to play him. It is obvious that when the passion is for freedom, it should be fulfilled freely. Asking whom, not in his way, but in his own way.

We have never found our mother as an Indian mother. He never brought us, neither cooked food for us nor taught us to be a good wife and daughter-in-law. Due to some of her illness, she could not manage the house but she had more interest in it. Most of her time was spent reading books, the rest of the time in literature-discussion or listening to music and she used to do all these things in bed. Nevertheless, as I said earlier, our traditional grandparents or other members of their in-laws did not name her, nor did they expect her to be like a common woman, why did they all have such reverence, while she was the wife, mother and Did not perform any of the daughter-in-law’s publicized duties? Apart from the Rob of the Sahabi family, I understand that there are two reasons – (1) she would never lie, and (2) she would not allow one secret to being revealed to the other.

For the first reason, he had the respect of the family; Friendship of outsiders due to another. Friend, she was ours too, our father played the role of a mother very well. I remember, even in childhood, when someone came to our house, no one asked him what is written in it.


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