How to change tick speed in minecraft? Here’s thow to do it

When discussing games you might have heard or played Minecraft once isn’t it? Minecraft is among the best and most popular games. Although there are tons of games present on the web but Minecraft has a special place in every gamer’s heart.

If you’ve played Minecraft you might know that its loop runs at 20 ticks per second (In other works every loop runs in 5 seconds) but in case if your PC or laptop unable to keep this speed fewer TPS (Ticks per second) occurs which is quite slow.

Are you looking for a guide on How to change tick speed in Minecraft? If yes then you’re in the right place In this post we will be discussing how you can change tick speed in Minecraft. Excited? Here’s how you can change tick speed in Minecraft:)

Change tick speed in Minecraft

game rule>random tick speed>press enter(You’ll see your current tick speed)>Enter your desired tick speed.

Before changing tick speed

How to change tick speed in minecraft

After changing tick speed

change tick speed in minecraft

If you want to get back to the normal tick speed then you have to follow the same steps (random tick speed=3)


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