How to swipe on instagram pc? here’s how to do it

When talking about social networking sites Instagram is among the most famous ones. The best part of it is that you can use Instagramin smartphones as well as PCs. Do you want to know How to swipe on Instagram pc? Don’t worry It’s kinda simple you can do it in a few clicks.

Just like other social media platforms Instagram allows users to shares photos, videos, and stuffs like that. Are you using Instagram on your PC? I am also a PC user but do you know how to swipe on Instagram? Exited? Here’s how to swipe on Instagram PC:

Method 1

If you are having a touch screen PC then you can easily swipe using a trackpad. You can simply swipe with your two fingers As you do on your smartphones. Don’t have a trackpad? Not to worry you can read our second method:)

Method 2

If you are using an updated version of Instagram you can simply swipe on Instagram pc with your mouse. To do so you have to find the > button you can simply right click with your mouse and you can simply check out the latest feed.

how to swipe on instagram


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