Is 75hz good for Gaming? A ultimate guide

Hey! it seems like you are planning to build a gaming setup? There are plenty of things to consider you need to buy each and everything carefully from motherboards to monitor for a smooth gaming experience.

If you are having a medium budget and you wanna go with a 75hz gaming monitor then a question may put up in your mind “Is 75hz good for Gaming” well it depends on some factors like:

  • Games which you wanted to play.
  • The gaming quality you need.
  • Your budget.
  • On which FPS (Frame rates per second) you wanted to play.

Games which you wanted to play:

Basically, I mentioning this factor because it is important to consider which types of game you wanna play. If you wanna play hight resolution games then a 75hz might not be an ideal pick for you. As 75hz won’t provide you the highest FPS on the other hand if you are a normal gamer who wanted to play simple games then 75hz will be a good pick.

The gaming quality you need

Another important factor in gaming quality if you are a serious player then you might need good Hz, FPS, and other things. On the other side If you are a normal casual gamer then you don’t need these kinds of stuff. So It’s important to decide whether you’ll use that monitor for competitive or casual gaming.

Your budget

Yes, budget is also an essential factor suppose you have a nominal budget and you wanna do casual gaming then a 75hz gaming will be good for you: (You can use that money in upgrading other parts of your PC). If you have a good budget then it’s worth investing in a 144hz monitor as you’ll get great advantages.


FPS or frame rates per second is another important thing to consider. As if you are a serious gamer then FPS is a big deal (your opponent will get a good benefit your competitor will be able to see you faster: in the end, you might lose the game). In simple words the more good FPS you have the smoother your gaming experience becomes.

Is 75hz good for gaming

Conclusion: Is 75hz good for Gaming?

Well, I hope this article helped you: In my opinion, 75 Hz is enough for a casual gamer. If you are a competitive one then you can go with a 144hz one as 144hz will provide you extra benefits. In the end, I would like to say investing in a good monitor is not a con as you won’t update your monitor while upgrading your PC.


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