10 Actual Most Underrated Roblox games

When it comes to gaming Roblox is among the most popular platforms among gamers. You will be amazed to know that Roblox has more than a 100million active users however, Roblox is not as much as popular as clash of clans or Minecraft but Roblox has a special place in the heart of every gamer. Before getting into the topic let us know what Roblox is?

Basically, Roblox is just a gaming application that has more than 50M games on it. These games were created by Robux community players and developers. Due to its popularity and tons of amazing features which have a library of 50M games I decided to create an article on “Most Underrated Roblox games”


Robux has more than 100M active users so a question may come to your mind what’s the reason behind Roblox’s popularity? Said David Baszucki, Founder Of Roblux “We’re not a company that does a lot of marketing”. In simple words, Roblox focuses on structured gameplay which makes it quite popular among children and teens.

Most Underrated Roblox games

It hardly matters whether you are a child or a teen, everyone loves to play games. You might have played tons of Roblox games but there are certain games that need more attention than they actually get. Excited to know about the Most underrated Roblox games? Here the most underrated Roblox games:

#Left for survival

If you are looking for a  team game then left for survival is worth checking out Basically In this game there are two teams: One is a zombie team and the other one is the survivor’s team. Both the teams have to compete with each other to win the game. There are various modes also available like domination, elimination, and so on.

Just like other games, there are various power-ups also available which you can use to enhance your gaming performance. If your area zombie game lover then Left for survival is worth checking out. Overall the game is interesting and you can play when you feel bored on Roblox and don’t have any specific game in mind.

roblox underrated games

#Color Rush

If you are looking for a colorful game then you might like a color rush. As the name might get you some idea about the game, YES you guess it right! Color rush is related to colors. Basically, In this game, you just have to step to various color blocks that show on your screen to win the game. In case If you step on the wrong color block you will die and lose the game.

 There is also a lobby which you can use while waiting for the next level to come. There are various rewards too to make the game interesting. To make the game more interesting there are 3 modes which you can use to challenge the gamer inside you. If you are looking for an easy to play game then the color rush is a must-try one. All things make color rush one of the most underrated Roblox games.

underrated roblox games

#Survive the killer

The name fully justified the game basically In this game a random player is chosen as a killer who has to hunt and find players. Each player has 3 lives and you have to survive till last without being killed by the killer in order to win the game. Just like other games once someone is killed you can receive their power-ups and use them to win the game.

The interesting part comes here: Once a person is knocked down his/her name will be shown on the board with the time how much time is left to get revived. Don’t forget to revive your friends! In case If your companions don’t revive you; you will lose the game. The game has various power-ups to use which you can use to win the game.

best underrated games roblox

#Fishing World

If you are an adventure game lover then Fishing world is one of the best-underrated games to try out! You might find the game misleading or basic but you are entirely wrong Fishing world stands way from its companions.

Just like other simulator games, there are some basic similar things like power-ups levels and so on. Basically, In this game, you have to on fishing in the ocean and catch various sorts of fishes. Just like other games by leveling up you can access various island power-ups and a ton of amazing fishes to catch.

There are various shops also available which you can use to purchase different sorts of power-ups and abilities which will help you to win the game. You can also upgrade boats and other various stuff.

To navigate around the ocean and fish you can press M to open the map and navigate the game easily.

overrated roblox games

#Obby King

Are you a competitive obby player on Roblox who loves to play obby games? If yes then Obby king is worth checking out. In this game, all the players have to race and complete a hobby, and the last two players will be eliminated and so on this will continue.

In case if more people fail to complete obby then the ones with lesser progress will be eliminated. The obby will be randomly generated between the round ( there is no difficulty level for any obby until the last obby).

In the end, only 3 people can win so you have to be in the top 3 in order to win the game but only the top 2 will compete in the final obby which is quite difficult to win. Just like other games by winning the game you’ll get various rewards which you can use to purchase various power-ups and other stuff.

actual underrtaed roblox games

#Word Bomb

If you are looking for an easy to play timepass game then Word bomb might be an ideal pick for you. The name completely justifies the game Basically, In this game, everyone will get a turn to come with a word that includes the given letters. ( They can vary from 1 to 2 letters).

Each time the bomb will get faster: In simple words, you have to come up with a new word in lesser time. If you fail to come up with a word then you’ll lose your 1 life. ( You get 3 hear icons but there are only 2 lives so you only have 2 chances ).

Overtime the bomb turns red which indicates that you have to type the word quickly else you’ll lose one life. This cycle will become faster and faster till the end of the game so you have to be quick in order to win the game.

You might find this basic but playing it is really fun to play when you get bored on Roblox and don’t have any game in mind to play.

Most underrtaed roblox games

Final words

Well, these are the top 6 most underrated Roblox games I hope you find this article helpful. If you enjoyed this article please share this with your Roblox buddies too.


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