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15 Best Google Picasa Alternatives in 2020

google picasa alternatives

Google Picasa was one of the best image management services before google killed it one of the best features of google Picasa is it organizes photos according to folders and tags. Google Picasa also provides some features of editing you have a little bit of knowledge of photo management tools then you might be aware of Google Picasa. But google discontinued its services and replaced google Picasa with google photos. If you are using a computer then you know that there is a shortage of photo management software. Finding google Picasa can be a hard task.

15 Best Google Picasa Alternatives 2020

So making your task easy we have a list of est google Picasa alternatives in 2020. These tools will help you to manage your photos as well as edit let’s look into them.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service it can be used to store all types of file types be it a photo, video, etc. It is very easy and simple to use. the plus point of dropbox is it allows users to create folders. Its initial release date is September 2008. It is supported in Windows, Linux, and macOS.It is a hosting service American company and its initial release date is September 2017.

dropbox sign in

2.Photoshop Elements

If you are from the editing section then you might be aware of photoshop. Photoshop elements is also a good alternative to Google Picasa. You can organize and share your photos, you can edit them. Its initial release date is October 2019. If you are a mac user you don’t need to worry it works on macOS also.

photoshop elements

3.Google Photos

Just like Google Picasa, it is also FREE. In my opinion you can consider google photos the best alternative in 2020. It offers a large number of photo editing tools. It is developed by Google and it offers unlimited storage which means you can upload unlimited photos. and it is the most searched website.

google picasa alternatives


If you want an easy software then this will be the best pick for you. With a quick look you can manage photos as well as sort them. It provides only basic tools for photo editing. It was developed by Apple and it is only for ios users and its initial release date is October 2007.

photoscape picasa

5.Microsoft Photos

Just like other websites Microsoft photos are a photo managing website. It is not widely used but has all the necessary things . the best thing about this website is you can also edit your video. It was developed by Microsoft corporation and it supports all platforms and its initial release date is October 2012.


6. Imagine Picture Viewer

It is pretty much similar to honey view software listed can view and manage your pictures through image picture viewer. it is a top-rated website but the bad thing about this website is it has limited editing options. Imagine Picture Viewer is a simple photo-viewer for Windows it has some basic features of editing

google album


The best thing about the honey view is that it supports all image formats. well it is the other best website to manage and view photos. well if talk about its photo editing features it does not have many photo editing features but it has basic and necessary features.

picasa 3


It is known as an image sharing site. It is another best cloud-based photo-sharing has two categories of account one free and one is paid in free one it has a limit of storing 1000 images in the premium one you can save unlimited images depending upon you. It has a few tools for photo editing. It is one of the best photo managing software in the world and it is very easy to use once you signed in you will get to know about its qualities

picasa download


Although this website does not provide cloud services like Picasa it is the best alternative of Picasa in 2020. the great thing about this in it provides a large variety of editing options. It also provides useful features like screen capture, splitting photos, etc. It is developed by MOOI but available in two platforms only widow and macOS.It does not provide the same cloud storage as Picasa does but itis best for editing using this website can be a little bit of fun experience.

picasa web albums


The user interface of this website is the same as Google Picasa. It is a very fast website and very easy to use. It is the operated photo viewer website and the best thing about this website is it supports more than 500 image formats. Its initial release date in December 2019.

picasa web albums

11.FastStone Image Viewer

The best thing about this app is it supports a large number of file formats. It is the best and free top-rated software that you can use to view your photo. You need to visit this website can add tags create folders by yourself and you can organize your photos easily. It allows you the options of basic editing like cropping, adding effects, etc. If you are not satisfied with its editing options it also provides external editing software.

google album


If your computer has less storage then you can use this needs only 5 MB of storage to install on your computer being a lightweight software it has all the essential things which all other websites have. It has many photo editing options. It is very light in both size and also resource requirements being a light lightweight software it brings all the necessary features to you It also allows you to optimize your image when you share it. It’s all features just come in 3 MB which is a great deal.

google album archive

13.Apowersoft Photo Viewer

It is just like Picasa and this website is known for its easy and simple to use format. It provides few basic options of editing like adjusting brightness, hue, etc. It supports all the file formats like PNG, JPG, etc.

google pic


It is a free open source image viewer software that you can use right now in your computer this software supports all image formats and it provides some basic editing tools like changing brightness, filters, etc.

google photos picasa


It is one of the advanced photo viewers for your computer. It supports all file formats. the best thing about this software is it supports all audio and video formats also while other software does not provide this it is also another best Picasa alternative in 2020 that you can visit on your computer.picasa download

16.Amazon Prime Photos

It is similar to Picasa but you need an Amazon account with a Prime membership to use. With prime membership you receive free storage to store your photos or videos It gives you 5 GB additional storage for your video or document.

amazon prime hotos

17. Phototheca

It comes in two plans one is free and one is one is one of my favorite software.I think a free plan will be the best for you and it will fill most of your requirements It not only import images organize by folders and tags automatically. the best thing that I love is it allows you to create shared folders. you can search for photos by their name and it deletes duplicate photo by itself.

image manager

Which Google Picasa Alternatives You Chose?

All the Softwares are personally being tested by me It will serve you better than other Softwares so If you are searching a software just for storage then amazon prime video might be the best pick for you and Irfanview is the best software for editing.soif you have chosen your google Picasa alternative then let me know in the comment box.

So above mentioned are some of the Picasa alternatives that you can visit today. If this article helped you share it with your family and friends also and if you know other Softwares then let me know in the comment box.

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