Story of paper (kids story)

There have been many discoveries that have helped us live in a better and comfortable way. One such discovery is that of paper. Look out for pairs Let us read about how the paper was first made. Ts’ai Lun was a Chinese scholar who lived 2,000 years ago. He goes together was a man with great ideas and would often be seen mixing many things together

Ts’ai Lun would grind a variety of plants including mulberry bark and hemp. He would make a big wet mixture of separate fibres, then spread it out on a rough cloth mat area which he put a bamboo frame. It looked like a big mess and his friends and neighbors made fun of him and his funny ideas. Little did anyone figure out that Ts’aiDid Ts’ai Lun’s neighbors and friends appreciate what he was doing Luna was on his way to changing the lives of people forever!

When Ts’ai Lun had completed the process and the sun had dried the mixture, everyone realized that he had made something really remarkable. This messy project was to become one of the most important inventions ever Ts’ai Lun had invented paper! Over the years, we have made wholehearted use of Ts’ai’s invention. Today, we are completely dependent on paper which we use in different forms.

It is difficult to imagine our lives without paper! People used to write even before the paper was invented. They scratched and painted on cave walls, drew on wet clay, and carved on stones. They wrote on papyrus made from thinly. sliced papyrus reed which they glued together to make a sheet:

But it is paper, not papyrus, which has come to touch just about What was papyrus made of? every part of our lives, from books to examination papers, to money and personal care products. There is never a day, and hardly a waking hour, when we do not use paper. Ts’ai Lun’s invention is so unbelievably simple that you can recreate it at home and make your own paper What Ts’ai Lun and others discovered was those plant fibers when soaked in water bind together to form a sort of paper

Chinese papermaking spread from Asia into Africa and Europe and all over the world Soon, just about everyone knew how to make paper. Still, there wasn’t enough paper for all, since making it used up a lot of papermaking material which was difficult to find in those days.

In the eighteenth century, a man named Rene de Réaumur watched some wasps we now call the paper wasp. These insects were munching on wood, They were not eating it exactly, but chewing it up, spitting out the soft mixture and forming nests with it.

Réaumur never made paper like the wasps but had stumbled upon the secret of practical paper-making that wood could be broken apart like other organic materials and made into paper. If Réaumur had written down his paper recipe or the wasps’ recipe it might have looked like this: wood fiber + water + energy = paper.

This basic idea proves to be a great success till today. We change the kinds of wood and the ways of making the mixture to get different kinds of paper we want.

There are many types of paper-newspapers, school books, and writing stationery; envelopes, boxes, packing and wrapping paper; paper towels, tissue, and personal hygiene products. Now, every day, paper-making companies around the world turn wood from trees into pulp, pulp into paper, and paper into products we all need and use. Today, more than 95 percent of paper is made from wood. Paper was once made one sheet at a time by artists, and many people still enjoy making their own special paper, In the last twenty years, the usage of paper has increased significantly which has encouraged cutting down of trees. This can be checked by using recycled paper because recycling one tonne of paper saves about seventeen trees!


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