1000 $ internet marketing scholarship

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We recognize the power of written words online/offline and want to help creative minds to exhibit their abilities in this area. We have created a techxiphoid internet marketing scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students with a passion for internet marketing to receive a $1000 award.

Those students who are currently studying in the areas of marketing, business, IT, or communications may be interested in the scholarship program and one doesn’t require any expertise in this area, passion for internet marketing content creation is enough.

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How to apply

If you are an administrator and would like to see your scholarship listed on this website, please contact us using the web form, postal mail, or fax. Thank you to those who have already submitted your scholarship information!

Here is the list of our requirements:

Contact information (Name, date of birth, Phone number, Mailing address)

Education background (High school, High school graduation, Collage)

Quick biography (400-600) Words that will accompany your essay if it is selected for our award, share a little bit more about you (Please includes a 3000-word essay on the topic music  how music have influenced your life, passion and something more)