The Moon Gets Upset (Kids Story)

The sky at night looks beautiful with the moon and the shining stars Can you think of the night sky without the moon and the stars? Read this story to find out what happened when the moon became upset and h itself.

long, long ago, there were no stars at all. Only the sun and the moon. The sun shone during the day, the moon at night, and both were round as melons. But when the sun-filled the world with colors, the moon got terribly upset.”It’s fair!” he would grumble each evening, as the pair of them passed each other in the darkening.

‘Now, now, you mustn’t get cross!’ teased the Sun. It’s all your fault!’ snapped the moon. You’ve taken everything for yourself! The daytime is beautiful and the night is ugly! Either you give me half of your colors or I’ll disappear! Dear me, no tittered the Sun. The night must stay dark. The world sleep and so do l. Out of my way! I am off to bed!

The moon started to sulk and drew a thick cloud over his face. A few days later, the sky whispered to the sun, It’s none of my business, but the moon is growing terribly thin! It’s just another of his silly tricks! replied the Sun. The moon grew thinner day by day. He was already like a thin silver crescent! But after a week, the sky grew

“Sun! The moon is disappearing! It’s almost half gone! And so it was. And when he was no more than a shiny hair, one morning he called out triumphantly, There you are! I am disappearing. If the night must be black, then let it be as black as pitch! That puffed up yellow dumpling can shine all day and all night, if he feels like it! With these words, the moon was gone.

Moron! Idiot!’ raged the sun. But it was of no use, The moon didn’t come back. That night, the sun couldn’t sleep. And even though he had no business there, he couldn’t resist taking a peep at the world from the sky. He imagined the moon in the pitch-dark hole and began to feel so sorry for him that he almost burst into tears.’I will have to do something about it!

“The moon was right, he said, ‘It really is black and horrible! And suddenly he understood why the moon had complained. He saw how unpleasant it must be to wander alone in the dark. He pulled out one of his hairs and threw it into the darkness. The hair twisted itself into a ball and began to twinkle

That’s it! cried the sun And he pulled out one hair after another until the dark sky began to look like a Christmas tree. That’s enough! he said, at last, feeling tired. If this doesn’t satisfy the moon, I don’t know what will!

In the meantime, the moon was hiding in the darkness. Hearing strange noises from the sky, he took just a little peek, showing a tiny bit of himself, and froze with amazement. alight with tiny sparks. It was more beautiful than even The moon is out! The moon is out!’ shouted the sky the next morning at the top of its voice.

The sky was the day! The sleepy sun came out saying, What’s that? About time too! And he hid behind the cloud and tried to go off to sleep again. So that’s how the stars came to be. And that’s how sympathy started. The morning breeze, then, drove away from the clouds, the Sun blinked and a new day had begun.


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