The Teddie Who Had No Clothes (Kids Story)

Teddy Thomson gave a happy little growl. The little girl who was hugging him tightly was going to be a very good person to live with. He hadn’t very much like being wrapped up in birthday paper, waiting for her to let him out. But now, it had all been worth it. Little Katya wouldn’t let go of him, even when it was time for her bath.

“But Thomson’s fur will get wet,’ said her mother you can’t take him to bed with wet fur. Let me put him here on the laundry basket until you are ready for bed! Later, Teddy Thomson fell asleep at the end of Katya’s little bed, a very happy teddy bear indeed! But the next morning, when Katya went to school, she had to leave Thomson behind.

At first, he was looking forward to meeting the other toys, but no sooner had Katya gone downstairs than he heard them begin to giggle. I can hardly look. It’s so embarrassing! said the rag doll. It shouldn’t be allowed, giggled the baby doll, pointing at Teddy Thomson. At least, I have painted!’ puffed the blue train, blowing its whistle. I feel sorry for him really, said the clown.

Teddy Thomson couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He patted his fur and made sure that his paws were clean. At last, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Excuse me, he rumbled. What’s the matter with me?’ My dear, surely you know! You don’t have any clothes on, said the rag doll. You are a bare bear, said the train. All the toys have their own clothes or bright paint, like me. We can’t play with you if you don’t wear anything.

Suddenly, Thomson felt very silly. None of the bears in the shop wore clothes, but now that it was mentioned, it felt odd. But I don’t even know what I am supposed to wear,’ he said sadly. The toys didn’t want to be unkind, so they tried to find something for him to wear the ragdoll hunted in the toy box and said, ‘Here is a dress I wear to parties. You can wear this.

So, Thomson put on that dress. He couldn’t recognize himself among all the frills and ribbons. ‘Nothing in the world will make me wear this, he said and took off the dress have got a spare clown suit with a slightly squashed red nose. You can’t wear a clown suit without a red nose, said the clown. So, Teddy put on that suit and the red nose and went to the mirror. This is worse! I won’t wear it, he said and took off the suit.

Then, there is only one thing we can do, said the train, ‘let’s paint you! Half an hour later, a rainbow bear sat in front of the mirror. The toys liked him this way but Thomson wondered whether Katya would like it. When Katya saw Thomson, she burst into tears. ‘What happened to your beautiful golden fur?’

she sobbed her mother wiped her tears and said that Thomson should have a bath. So, Katya bathed Thomson in soap water and took him outside to dry. As he dried in the sun, Teddy Thomson said to himself, I will tell those toys that I have beautiful golden fur and I am not going to hide it behind those silly clothes! A bear isn’t a bear if he is wearing his fur.


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