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what is windows modules installer worker? All you Need to know

Windows module Installer worker

If you are having a PC, then you might have also installed windows in it, isn’t it? While using your PC you might have experienced, your personal computer is heated without any reason and noticed that your computer updates automatically. There is a very less number of people who know why it all happens. If you visit the task manager on your computer, then you might have seen the “Windows modules installer worker”(TiWorker.exe).

Do you know about the windows modules installer? If no, then you don’t have to worry In this post you will get complete knowledge about windows modules Installer. So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

windows modules installer worker


The Windows Modules Installer worker is also known as Tiworker.exe

Windows Installer worker is not a big deal It is a simple updating process in windows, During this process, your windows enable automatic Installation, removal, modification, and so on. Now a question may come in your mind what is it doing on my PC? Well, If you are having a good experience on your PC is because of it. It automatically updates all the stuff on your PC to provide you a bug-free experience.

Windows Modules Installer Worker (Tiworker.exe): In-Depth

Windows modules installer is an excellent tool that helps your windows to be up to date by checking for updates and the best part is that After finding an update it automatically updates, you don’t need to check for updates in your PC.  If you don’t want to check updates then this tool is really helpful in that case, It will automatically keep your PC or laptop updated. This process is like updating your PC in the background. Moreover, If you Don’t want a specific thing to be updated, you can also do that by opening Tiworker.exe On your PC.

But due to some issues, Sometimes it might show high CPU usage percentage in the task manager, you can view this by opening task, manager on your PC or laptop. Due to the high percentage of CPU usage, you might experience a slowdown in your PC or laptop.

Why It is Consuming So much of Storage?

After experiencing a bit slowdown in your PC performance a question may come in your mind that why Tiworker.exe is using so much storage in the CPU? You will be happy to know that, If you allow it to run, It will stop using your CPU and disk storage. By Allowing it, the windows modules Installer worker will finish its updating and downloading process in the task manager. However, I can’t say how much time it will take, It mainly depends on your PC and laptop’s storage, As well as on updates.

Tiworker.exe is Malware?

Well, Windows modules Installer is neither  Virus nor a malware, It is just a part of your PC or laptop, which helps your PC to be up to date, So you don’t need to worry its a simple software. Moreover, If you are still worried about it then you can try any antivirus or malware finder on your PC. TIP: It’s better to check your computer with antivirus scans, As it will protect your PC from any future attack.

Can I disable the Windows module Installer worker?

If you experience a bit decrease in your computer performance then you might want to disable it. Yes, you can disable the windows modules Installer, But I will not recommend you disable it. By disabling it, your system won’t be updated properly and you have to update your system manually. Many people might recommend you change your Computer settings, This will prevent your computer from installing updates and other stuff but by changing your settings your computer won’t install security updates.

After disabling it, you have to update your computer manually, However, I won’t recommend you to disable the windows modules Installer ” NOTE: Avoiding your PC from updates is dangerous” So We won’t recommend you”.

If you find something’s Wrong

If you find something wrong, Maybe your system has plenty of updates due to which windows modules Installer worker is churning for hours. There are some of the steps and solutions that you can follow to deal with your problems but these solutions may not help for normal reasons. But will effectively help with windows modules installer worker service.

How To Fix Windows modules Installer worker Issues?

There are some of the methods and solutions which you can try.

Solution 1: By disabling updates

Windows modules Installer only works when it find updates on your system, So If you disable these updates then you can easily fix this issue. To do so you can follow the below-given steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to press the Windows button with the R key on your computer.
  2. After that, you have to search for services.msc and hit the OK button.
  3. Then you’ll see a new search window at the top of your screen, You have to type Windows modules Installer in the search Bar.
  4. After searching, You have to double click on the windows modules Installer or Tiworker.exe option.
  5. Then you have to find and double click on the Windows update option.
  6. After that, A dialogue box will appear on your screen You have to select any option according to your preference.
  7. Then click on Okay.
  8. In the last step, you have to reboot your computer In order to finish the process.
  9. Voila! You’re done, Now everything will be OK.

Solution 2: By changing your Internet Connection

This is another great solution and many people would recommend you, In this solution won’t consume much data of your PC and It might stop the windows modules installer to consume High-performance resources of your CPU. To do so you can follow the below-given steps:

  1. To try this solution, you have to click Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  2. After that, you have hit the advanced button option.
  3. In the last step, you have to make sure that the metered connection is ON.

Note: this solution will be the best If you are working on Ethernet Connection.

Solution 3: By using windows update troubleshooter

You can also solve this issue by using a windows update troubleshooter, If you have any problems in Tiworker.exe then this will be the best solution, To do this follow the below steps:

  1. To try this out, you have to go to the settings of your system.
  2. After that > then update & security > troubleshoot > Windows.
  3. Then you have to tap on the Run troubleshoot option.
  4. After that, you can fix all the issues displayed by the troubleshooter.

Solution 4: By Deleting Software Folder

You can also troubleshoot your problem by deleting the software distribution folder, To do so follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to open a file explorer n your computer.
  2. After opening, you have to navigate C: -> Windows.
  3. Then You have to tap on the software distribution folder and select the delete option.
  4. In the last step, you have to reboot your PC or laptop.

Why windows modules Installer workers high disk your CPU?

Sometimes due to constant updates by windows modules installer worker or Tiworker.exe the workload of your CPU increases which results in high disk your PC. As we all know Operating system plays a vital role in the computer, Trough which your system updates at night. Bt in ost of the cases, the Computer is turned off at the night due to which workload of windows module worker increase. If you want to get rid of this problem, the only solution is to directly update your computer during your working hours.

Now another question may come in your mind: Time differences affect high disk of your PC? Well, the answer is YES, It varies on your location, Suppose If you live in the north part of the earth and the Microsoft office isis functioning in a different part of the earth, To get rid of it, you can change your local time zone by changing your date and time.

In some of the cases windows modules installer worker high disk you CPU or RAM, As it one of the normal updates done by Tiworker.exe. Do you want to know why this happens? It usually happens when you try to update your operating system of Windows 10 automatically. Moreover, It can also happen with you when service your PC or laptop.

By running DISM Command

Windows restore protection can find the corrupted and damaged file but unable to fix them, In simple words, windows restore protection cant repair the damaged and corrupted files. To do so you have to run Command DISM cDISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth, This will not only fix the damaged files but It will also help to improve the health of your system.

After running the DISM command, you have run an SFC scan in order to repair the damaged files, TIP: Youcan restart your system in order to get a fresh start, you’ll find a decrease in disk usage.

By checking your Disk drive

Sometimes, Disk drive errors can also cause high disk usage as CPU uses 98% of the usage, To solve this problem windows have a very powerful CHKDSK command utility which really helps to check errors. If we add a bit more commands and parameters we can also use the CHKDSK command to find and fix disk drive errors. NOTE: Disk drive errors are not the reason for high disk usage. To do so you can follow the below-given procedure:

To do so, you have to open the command prompt and after opening you have to type command CHKDSK c:/f/r/x  in order to continue you have hit the enter key. During this process you might be asked for a scheduled disk, you just have to check the box and press the Y key in order to finish the process.

If you find any disk drive errors try to fix them as soon as possible, to repair the error you can use the CHKDSK utility key, Once you’re done with the repairing process your system will automatically restart. After all this, you’ll experience that your system will run smoothly.

How long this process takes?

Well, It usually depends on the installer, how much time it takes to update your system, Sometimes it might take some time to update If you have a slow PC and other components. NOTE: The time period can also extend If you have not updated your PC for long periods of time.

TIP: If you experience that your Tiworker.exe is taking to much time to update, try to reboot your PC or laptop. After rebooting waiting for 5 to 10 minutes and after that, you can check that your time is reduced or not.

These are some of the best solutions that help to fix windows modules installer worker high disk usage.

 Why you might have to delete the windows module, Installer worker?

If you are experiencing that your system is getting slowed down day by day or your CPU is receiving lots of loads, Then the windows modules installer worker might be the cause of this problem. As It regularly updates your system, this puts a load on your PC Or laptop, So If you are a gamer or multitasker then it would be a bit hard to manage As windows modules Installer worker might slow down your PC.

Moreover, If you want to check how much load Tiworker.exe is putting on your PC then you can check it by opening the task manager on your computer. If Tiworker.exe is putting lots of load on your PC or laptop then I will recommend you to disable it, otherwise, it might interrupt your work.

How to Disable Windows Modules Installer in windows 10?

If your Pc or laptop is running windows 10 on it then there are high chances Tiworker.exe is causing those troubles. Moreover, I will not recommend you disable the windows modules installer worker completely from your PC Because If you disable it completely then you have to update your system manually. On the other hand, If you are irritated due to a slow PC or laptop then its better to disable it. To disable the windows modules installer you can follow the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and visit tas manager.
  • After that, you have to find the windows modules installer or Tiworker.exe. a worker from the provided list.
  • Then you have right-clicked on Tiworker.exe. and select the end task option.

Moreover, this is a temporary solution, I am saying temporary because whenever you’ll reboot your PC or laptop windows modules installer will start working. I hope ant to disable the windows modules installer worker permanently then you might have to do  extra changes to delete it permanently follow the below steps:

  • To delete it permanently, you have to open the task manager on your computer.
  • After opening, you will see an open service option you have to click on it.
  • Then you have to find a windows modules installer worker from the provided list.
  • After finding you have to right-click on it and visit its properties.
  • Tn you have to choose the disable option from the list and it the OK button to delete permanently.
  • Hurray! you have successfully deleted the windows module, installer worker.

How to enable the Windows Modules Installer?

If you want to install windows modules Installer worker again then you can follow these steps:

  • To enable, you have to open the task manager on your computer.
  • After opening, you have to click on the open services option.
  • Then you have to find the windows modules installer or Tiworker.exe. from the list.
  • After that, you have to right-click on it and go its properties.
  • In the last step, you have to choose an automatic option from the startup type field.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s it for the windows modules installer worker, I hope that you have understood about it and Now you can easily enable or disable it, Moreover, I will not recommend you to Disable the windows modules installer worker, As If you disable it, you have to update your system manually. If your PC is slowing down then only disable it. Windows modules Installer worker not only updates your system but also prevents your system from viruses and malware. In the end, I would like to say, If you are disabling it don’t forget to scan your system and update is manual.




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